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Rammstein Team Fortress 2 Logo

So I saw this awesome thing here and it inspired me to make this here.
Free for uncommercial use, do not ask me for permission and no need to credit me UvU
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Looks like a good logo for a TF2 version of Rammstein, Teammstein
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O my God, like it so much! Very cool c:
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This. Is. Beautiful ;-;
It's like ultimate fusion of two things I love the most ;-;
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This is the best thing ever \m/
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So what is Ramstein and why did the cover have a naked man on a table? Also what is significant about this style of symbol? Is it a spoof of Ramstein's symbol?

Either way, it looks cool, whatever it says TF2 ^^
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its what the medic has on his i pod.
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Headcanon accepted.
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Wait..... you really don't know who Rammstein are ...? Go look for them on Youtube.
But yes, this is a spoof of their logo UvU
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Yes, I don't know many "famous" bands/musicians/movies/books/people...I lived under a rock u I was 13 then I discovered the wonders of the internet but still knew nothing until I turned 18 and learned ponies now I know alot more than I ever did but still don't know as much as others...
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