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Morte and The Nameless One

My reaction to finding out Morte's backstory in Planescape: Torment >.>
Morte is love, Morte is life.
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tariToons 's fan-art is now featured on the Beamblog, along with other amazing works.

Give all the artists the credit they deserve, read our blog entry and visit those artists' pages and see their other works.…
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Oh hai there :D
Thanks for the feature, sweetie ;D
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I went through Hell to save Morte, he's our buddy forever. 
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ah good ol Morte, one of my favorite character, always sticking by your side
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A true friend. Just thinking about him gives me feels.
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yup, you must be a monster if you tried sticking him back into the Pillar
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It's been years since I played this game, but I remember having the same reaction.
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I've never reached too far in Torment, but I remember some of his backstory... But my memory is kinda spotty.
Should have kept a journal.
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You could go play the Enhanced Edition >.>
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I already preordered it via GoG :D Even though I usually talk against preorders.
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I am certain you won't be disapointed :D
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Morte was my favorite character when growing up.
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I've only played the game super recently (as part of the PST:EE beta) but he certainly is one of my favourite characters now.
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