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Three Dragon Cave Dragons

Ahk...I've been soooo bored lately.
I made DragonCave Fake's in the meantime.
Top to bottom:
Copper Dragon
Bronze Dragon
Song Dragon
When the requests on the forum open up again, I shall suggest these.
The song dragon's coloring is based off of a kestrel. Even though a kestrel is a bird of prey, not a song bird... ^^;
The first two are because they have gold and silver, but no other precious metal.
I am also working on a male only dragon for the cave. I mean, they have two female only, but not one male only?
I smell me some sexism...
EDIT: Bronze Hatchling finished.

Also, the Song is my favorite for design and concept, but I love the way the bronze came out. Very nice, Me.

Copper (egg to adult)
This egg shines like a new penny.
This hatchling likes to chase things and eat them. Watch your toes...(and look, it's grown its wings...)
Copper dragons are lone creatures, prefering to live in the mountianous forests. They hunt by flying low to the trees and singling out prey. While they prefer the hunting grounds of the trees, they do not trust them as nests and return to caves during mating season.

Oh. This egg is barely noticable.
This hatchling is nervous around other dragons, and it's arms seem strange... (Oh, it arms have turned into wings! It must be close to maturing!)
Bronze dragons are plains hunters. They use their bronze scales to hide in grasses, then leap out and chase down their prey from above. While one might think that the lack of forearms would be a disadvantage, the musculature of the wings is stronger than most dragons forelegs because they are used for flying and crawling, and they are much better at pinning down large prey than other dragons.

This egg rings when you touch it.
This hatchling likes to screech loudly. It hurts, but there is a melody in there. (The notes have gotten softer and sweeter. And look! Its grown its wings!...)
Song dragons are singers by nature. While communicating telepathicaly like other dragons, they sing to establish territory and attract mates. They are often confused for gryphons due to their feathers and beakish faces. However, their bright coloring and feathered tail is an easy way to discern the difference.
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In D&D, the Bronze dragon breathes both lightning and repulsing gas. The Copper dragon spews acid and slowing gas. I doubt the song dragon needs a breath weapon, but it's still beautiful.
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I like these, they should make them actual dragons!
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i like the last one best by the way is there a way to post my dragon cave skroll on here
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i love these! there pretteh.
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These are so cute! I love DC and these would be a great adittion!
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aww, love them! :D especially the middle one. it's absolutely adorable! :love:

click the links below please. pretty pretty please? :meow:
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i love it!!!! i wish they were actuly on dragoncave! ♥
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greatness it would be so epc if they were reall dragon cave dragons
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Love the bronze dragon! Nice work!
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Which progam did you use to draw them?
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XD luv remakes!
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This is awesome! I want the song dragon, and I would name him Symphony!
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Theese are cool. did you draw them?
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Aww...these are cool! I really like them :)
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Hey, just a question, but did you use any existing sprites of DC dragons in making yours?
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Didn't I see the song dragon in the requests board? (:
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Yes you did--If you're talking about the one I posted as SilentSkieBlue.
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I love these! (;
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