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Yhea Fugg you Alien Scum

This was the sample page I did for Radical comics to get the "Rising" gig, so this was my first real sequential page ever.
I really can't wait to get back to doing comics it's real fun.

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And the winner is...

Nice picture.
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great arrangement
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this is such an epic page ! :boogie: :thumbsup:
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There's a lot going on for one page - but you made it work. Nice layouts - and good use of an 'establishing' shot in the first panel. This amount of rendering must have been very time consuming?
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Crazy stuff Targete!
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It's great! Very nice!
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you realy have some skills.
how long does it take you from the concept to the final page?
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Page flows very nicely, good stuff!
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Great work, or should i say "great fugging work!"
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Very nice work! And messy. But messy can be good. ;)

I'd love to have you work on one of my comics, though I certainly don't fall into that "high-paying" category. ;P
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Wow, a bunch of new artworks. I like them. I'll try to get the first issue, thank you for the link you send me. But it won't be completed? At least I can get one issue, that's fine. Your art is looking beautiful on comic-pages.
I noticed that comic-pages are really "hard" to do. I want to create motion-comics some day. What do you think about motion-comics? I noticed that doing regular comics aren't enough for me - I want to make more out of my pictures to tell a story.
Hope it does make sense.:)

I'm glad you want to do comics in future. As the Rising was your first comic, was it difficult to work on comic-pages for the first time?
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