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Thirsty after the carnage?

This was a comissioned pitch work for directors Smith &
Foulkes at Nexus productions [link] they created those cool video game meets softdrink commercials. It never saw the light of day but was a fun image to create for them.
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i love this one!
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And of course the really interesting common "comissioned work" question:
How much did you charge them ?

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VERY COOL Dude I LOOOVEEE SO MUCH this One!!! The combination it's BRILLIANT!!!:rofl: :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
Cute and funny!
sweeeeeet. in my mind it goes like this...
the axe-dude goes "nom nom nom get in my belly" to furry creature
furry creature thinks "lure worked... :)"
furry-creature: mouth opens wide (think of its head almost split in half and sharp teeth all over the place) and bites off the axe-dudes head, then.... drinks coke lol.
i just did an exam.. im crazy at moment
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Awesome! :)
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:whisper: your work have been featured in my lastest journal [link]
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Bloddy brilliant
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HAHAHA THIS IS SO PERFECT... I lmao'd a lot ;d
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Now that made me laugh.
You really did outstanding job painting this. I wish I could render so well in the future
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lolololol. i am suffering heavy roflcopters. this is so absurd xD
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Hahahaha!!! :rofl: Brilliant!!! :D
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When the pic popped up I instantly knew it was yours from the style. Then I saw the furball with the coke and a "What the frick?!" ensued. Then I rofl'ed all over the place:D
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brave little pink thingie, brave and squishee
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aiuhaiuahiuaha loved xD
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I respect your talent, but to be honest i really think you destroyed a fantastic fantasy battle scene with the coca cola advert.
Congrats for your great effort.

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Amazing colours, that sky looks incredible. Lol, that's also adorable.
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This is effective commercial piece because I want cola now. Good I have some in the fridge.
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I like the little patch of flowers beneath his feet!
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ahaha DANG LMAO !!! :D
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Ahahahahm this is awesome.
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