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The Tin tin maker

I did this a while back for a clients webpage never posted it.
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Hello TARGETE. I was so happy to track this image down as I've seen it on numerous pc wallpaper sites. I'd like to use this image for my own use for an actual wallpaper mural, so I need a really Hi Res image, and your permission. Please contact me, and thanks in advance.
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This one also going to my favorite list ... :typerhappy:

follow me on twitter : [link]
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Robots make another robots. Cool robotic life. :)
Especially I like environment. Great shading and steampunk design.
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Hi I would like to make a list of amazing steampunk digital art works and I would love add your beautiful work to the list if you accept. I will be published on my blog [link] with a link to your work and your deviant art profile.

is it ok? thank you
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apart from all the gorgeous rendering and subtle light and swooning design, I just love the "story" of it.
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so creatively intricate and balanced! great work!
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Oh sheeesh.
Great work!
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This is really beautiful work!
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I never know how you do that in photoshop....would think it would hurt my wrist after a while,just seems so time consuming.again--amazing
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It seems like a perfect work for an Stanislaw Lem tale...
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i love your environments.
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It reminds me of the game Machinarium, if you haven't played it I highly recommend it, look up the website and play the demo in your browser. This piece is so wonderful...
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Amazing detail, beautiful lighting; the tinges of acid green glow are a wonderful touch.

I am simply in love with this piece. Is s/he making a doll? A companion? A child? Who is hanging in the corner? is the dog functioning?

... So many questions, so many answers to come up with.

Wonderful work!
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This is incredible.
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Your details are amazing!
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Thats pretty fantastic! :D
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fabilous detail and a great feel for the steampunk. very whimisical :D
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Wow Interesting Interior scene....I tried to create an interior scene lately but I realize I need to practice alot scene!
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