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April 18, 2010
The Captive by ~TARGETE
Featured by gucken
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The Captive

A lonely bot finds a wandering companion. An image I did a little while back.

Sometimes I as artist we lock our selves away to create ART in our dark caves but we must take time to enjoy life and the beauty it offers...okay thats a little corny but true.
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Azuregos's avatar
Stunning art. The mood, the emotions, the scene and it's visual execution are ideally balanced. I joy to explore this image time and again.
TrannysaurusBexx's avatar
This is so beautiful I can't breathe.
Another great steampunkish artwork! Congrats
MattHansel's avatar
Fabulous~! Intricate detail - beautiful lighting - amazing!
Noitusan's avatar
This is so amazing! :clap:
MoonShoneClear's avatar
It' beautiful......(astonish)
SBJEWEL's avatar
Man what should i call you.... you are not just an artist.... you are more then that. I wish; i want to be a great digital artist like you. :meditation: I am going to add this in my favourites. :typerhappy:
DeviantSimulacron3's avatar
You can read a short conceit inspired by this fine piece at [link]
DeviantSimulacron3's avatar
Apologies for the double post. Newbie.
DeviantSimulacron3's avatar
Read a short conceit inspired by this fine work at <[link]>
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Really good work. Congratulations to the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
BummerForShort's avatar
The conflicting light from the window with the warm glow from the oven makes for a really neat contrast. Gorgeous work!
shitaka's avatar
I like classic Robots and the colours you've used here look amazing. I agree with you. Is good to go out sometimes. Me? I just want to keep learning and work on my first painting. I should uploading next month. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the great job ;)
TranceMonger's avatar
Quite true indeed.
ThinkingAboutIt's avatar
This is very touching and evokes, despite all the clonky machinery, a very fragile emotion. I know that was a huge cornball, but it is that touching.

The detail is exquisite and the atmosphere is very realistic. I can imagine myself there. Moreover, I loved how you used cool colors as emphasis. Fantastic work!
TARGETE's avatar
Hi Thank you so much for the kind words.

Also this is extended to everyone who posted on this image. It's an image that reflects alot of myself in it, it's like the creator looking inside from the outside. I would love to see a short film base don this character and his butterfly friend.

thank you again everyone for looking.

ThatHenryKid's avatar
O.0 the robot's leg is seethrough
Clueedo's avatar
I can't believe this image hasn't got more views. It's gotten a lot but not enough by far. I really enjoy looking at the details af all the equipment and the fact that you managed to draw the eye to the spot it was intended even if the intended spot is not in the center of the picture. Well done. Amazing painting!
saratheclown's avatar
If you stare at it long enough, the entire boiler room - robot and all - blurs together until all you see is the butterfly, fluttering about the window.

Very nicely done!
TheRealDarkRevan's avatar
immersive and powerfully inspirative
adni18's avatar
phoenixleo's avatar
This is beautiful! I love how the light from the fire and the stained window is illuminating the robot and the butterfly! :love:
Congratulations on the DD! :)
zilvara's avatar
i love the feeling this picture presents and yes it is so fitting how a artist can entrech them self's in to a cave

it shows to me how when one encloses one self it can feel stangent in your place of creativity till a lone bit of beautiful flows in in this case a butterfly a simple bit of color and life

i love this picture please contune to do more creative works
aerone's avatar
I took my photography more seriously to get out of my cave; Iavent looked back since! It's nice working around subjects and being with people, it dosent feel so detached.
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