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Starcraft board game box art

Just a recent Starcraft the board(copyright Blizzard entertainment) game Box cover art I did for Fantasy Flight games. The game looks bad ass cool minatures can check it out here

Used Photo shop and a little 3d to help with the hundreds of swarming creatures, the rest is painted.
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Man, I'm so in love with this artwork since...EVER. I'm glad I finally found you. Is there any chance I may get it in full resolution for a wallpaper? even 1224x616px may help, wanted to take a photo of my game box but there is too many added logos.

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Well shit this is one awesome panorama you made both the small details further back and those guys in the foreground make this really's entrancing....
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The level of detail is simply awesome!
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I have to say, as I look that image, I fell as I was on this battlefield.
I have the game!!!
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Very Nice, Good Job ;D
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Easily one of the most epic game covers (and game) out there! I could hang the box front on the wall... But then I would have to find another epic-sized box to put the game in.
Besides, everyone always marvels at the box anyway, it's good advertisement, no?
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epic!!! for aiur!
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I bought this boardgame a few years ago, it is fantastic! Great work. =]
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I like this except with the fact that the marines don't come out of the command center.... But still, good job!
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exactly, they come from a barracks
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OMG i was checking pictures but this is the most impresionant image i have seen

your work is AWESOME
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just the most powerful survive
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WOW fantastic work :worship:
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This is awesome!
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Amazing work man just ....uhhhh BEAUTIFUL
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AMAZING! Thank you so much for doing this box art! >w<
as u can tell, the terrans are gona get raped pretty bad
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if ~awesome and details had a child, it would look like this picture!
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