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Ah "Slithe" I loved that guy he would make a great film character we could all hate to love a giant reptillian toad. Fan art. Pencil with digital highlights aded.
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Very cool. Dig the loose work around the rendered area, which gradually tightens to direct attention to the creatures the gaze...:sun::skull:
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you know what he reminds me of, and i love him for it, is the goblins for the rakin bass Hobbit. now thats a scary thing.
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Very good ... please paint it to the end!
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You going to finish this up? Like you did Lion-O?
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Oh, he's so much more scary in your version! Awesome job!
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I'm not a Thundercats fan, a little after my time, but this is ass kickin'!
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amazingg workk.....
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Words can't describe how cool this pic looks. I always saw Slythe as an alligator but I like the toad idea too. :)
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Wow!:wow: This is definitely the Slithe for a movie adaptation!
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this character has never loked better or more menacing!! really great job!!
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very nice, thx for sharing :+fav:
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I love how you took the Rankin Bass generic "Gollum" head, and turned it completely on its ass without making Slithe look D&D.
Well done.
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Wow, that is amazing, I love it.
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Beautiful. I really love the sketchy quality of this. Just proves that a good black and white piece can be as impressive as a full color painting.
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Scary ^^
I love him too
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He kind of looks like those goblins off of the cheesy 1970's animated version of The Hobbit.
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nice done shadows
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Yesssssssssssssssss :frog:
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Pencil and digital highlight combination is win.
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