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Orc Boy

I started using Mudbox, which I find to be one of the most user friendly 3d sculpting software. I created this without a concept in a few hours, so this is considered to be a 3d concept.
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I don't know if anyone wrote this before, but on first glance I instantly thought this is orcified version of Ron Perlman. And that makes it even more cool. Because Ron Perlman.
Great job by the way!
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Hey uhm this looks like the guy from Bridge to Taribithia! That's excellent work, btw.
Jauney2sDay's avatar
It's beautiful. . .
vagepaul's avatar
wau ,its like a real face!!
labirintia's avatar
wonderful work. He seems proud somehow.
sffgfg's avatar
Excellent character, very original!
fatih35's avatar
so cool..awesome..
greensap's avatar
Hi ...JP this looks fantastic, I`m not familiar Mudbox , did you have to map the skin with a jpg, or is the texture in the program.. :yoda:
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love it man really great !
Londoneve's avatar
so what is the process of this? sketch it? then a program adds color to it? or what
Quilsnap's avatar
not bad, I might look into the software
angelitoon's avatar
scary ...
"very nice"
TripTricks's avatar
Good work! I love
ogrebear's avatar
What fantastic work!
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he..'it' looks more like a demon to me, but DAMN what an epicly awesome picture!
fantasio's avatar
awesome stuff!
Cyberborg's avatar
Holy $#%^

The detail's amazing
nellemento's avatar
Nice concept man
synnsk's avatar
this reminds me of a goblin on that old movie Legend :D
Jsohpaul's avatar
amazing, looks like the grinch ;)
Ashligh's avatar
Horrifying. (but amazing).
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Hello sir JP. Do you have tips on how to create those amazing blurs to improve focal points? If I use the blur tool, it really looks fake and dull.
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