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Ogun, The Yoruba God of Iron and War

On August 14 1791 a slave rebellion began on the Island of Saint Domingue, present day Haiti. The slaves held a ceremony and prayed and asked "Ogun" to fight by there side and give them the strength to overcome those who would oppress them. The slave's prayers were heard by the powerful Ogun. As the slaves rushed to fight for their freedoms, the mighty Ogun infused his spirit within all of them. Across the tropical lands he charged into battle with his saber-tooth white lion and the Haitian revolution had begun.
The slave revolt led to freedom for the oppressed peoples of Saint Domingue,and the birth of Haiti as the first independent Black Republic of the modern world.
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Very cool image.

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Quite a powerful and impressive image!

(And now I'm hoping for him to be added to SMITE).

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Spectacular and Badass