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When I worked for NCsoft on Tabula Rasa I was given the task to create the initial vision for one of the expansion planets they were going to release to the players. Unfortuantely Tabula Rasa shut down thier Servers and the game is dead.
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looks like Zangarmarsh
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Cool art!
pity about the game though... :(
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Wonders beyond imagination
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thats so awesome 
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Such extreme skill and majesty.
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Wow. It looks like a world of mushrooms! Judging by its name, it is, isn't it?
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Would you please help with blood red falls wiki.
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One of my favorite worlds of all time. Thank you for giving us this!!
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The game is not dead.


Also, your art is amazing and you should feel amazing.

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this is awsome :D :D BTW, what are those 2 legged things across from the man?
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Extremely cool alien environment- I love it!! Always though sky jellyfish were a really neat idea. Ever thought of inventing an entire alien biosphere?
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Avatar anyone? :D
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Truly beautiful!
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its the dark side of mario land.
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Kool-Aid Jammers guy: "OH YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!1"
Did you know, that the Mycon is originally a race of fungi-like creatures from famous "Star Control"?

Here: [link]
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Damn. This is brilliant, love the depth of detail & texture. Looks like the kind of place you might want to take a breathing mask...
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too bad about the design not getting used bro. beautiful artwork!
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Proper, classic sci-fi art! I love this.
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Really great work. Add this in my favourite list.... :typerhappy:

Follow me on twitter : [link]
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