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This an oldie, I started working in photoshop about 3 to 4 years ago and this was like the 2nd major digital piece I did I was using photoshop 3.5 at the time, so I didn't have customized brushes so it was the basic round brush with "wet" turned on.
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Great fight, this rocks ! :D
I won't forget! Cheers!
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i would sacrifice 2 of my fingers to be this awsome!
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Arrgg...head's off! nice!
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Friggin awesome!
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Basic round brush..with wet turn on, got it. Notes taken..
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Cleave them Orcs asunder!
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Esta de poca su madre!
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wow. amazing detail
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that rocks hardcore!

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Very nice and beautifully done. Good job!
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Very impressive. Do you work from reference images, for example to get how carious kinds of light act on flesh?
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Super results, dude. I'd never would have guessed that it was made with the basic brush. You got massive skills.
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Awesome piece man!

Very dynamic and intense

Great work!
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No kidding? I was admiring the cover of this book he other day and didn't realize I had recently added the artist to my watchlist... Very impressive! :)
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Wow*!! Awsome*!!!!, I loveeeeee*!!!!
Congratulations this is one of the best works i've ever seen.
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Oh yah this is one of my Fav's
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