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'Lord of the Thundercats'

A re-imagining of Lion-O of the Thundercats...I was a big fan of the cartoon. Fan art ofcourse :)
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OK.. That's just nuts.... Great job!!!
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Words cannot describe how awesome this is to me!
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Wow! My favorite cartoon show just got real! Stunning work!
This is fantastic!
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Your artwork is amazing! Would you allow me to post your artworks on my FB fanpage Into the Lifestream? Of course, I would credit you and provide links to your DA profile page :) (Smile)
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Holy Jesus this is cool.
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Dope! Love the detail and look of the lord of the Thundercats
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Oh that is beautiful
What a genius piece of work, took a classic and updated it and made it really modern. I like the fact that he is a little more human and less cat like myself. The muted tones give it a very intense and brooding quality. I love it.
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congratulations man. good work!
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DUDE! That is incredible! That is the most amazing depiction or should I say vision of Lion-O I've ever seen. I am 27 years old and I loved this show as a kid. This is simply wonderful. Not to go low brow but it's like this picture is...Lion-O is going to come and fuck your shit up! Lion-o to the Nth degree.
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i had a brief look at your gallery and the way you paint metal is awsome
no words can express how cool that is
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wow, awesome!!! Very Superior!!
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Yikes, looks more like lord of war.
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*Head explodes from epicness*
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this so amazing to hell with transformers 3 there should be a focus on making this movie
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