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Key of Stars

Book cover for Wizards of the Coast.
My first version used a warmer palette howver the artdirector wanted more purples, blues, so here ya go, very colorful :)
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thats amazing O_o
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wow fantastic colors
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The colors and effects work really well here.
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Love the movement and the purples in this one!

Thank you so much for adding your work to Digital Delicacies! :heart:
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Hi ...dear TARGETE...!!!
This Wonderful Art work
"Key of Stars "
Digital Art / Paintings & Airbrushing / Illustrations / Storybook
is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
if you don't mind...
Have a nice regards

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Fantastic work...
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That sword is more badass than I imagined in the book
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Another strong, dynamic piece!

The action is just so strong and the vibrant colors make it all pop! Great work!
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Moar gorgeous! Again, great anatomy, expression, mood and I luffles the sparkles. XD
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That's quite purple. It is very cold indeed, enigmatic and threatening as well. Personally, I prefer warmer colors. You still have the old draft?
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amazing, so dynamic and cool
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a very cool piece!
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Wow! Good job creating a sense of movement in the picture. :D

Would it be possible for you to upload the image with the warmer palette, or is it under some kind of copyright deal?
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I don't have that image currently on my machine asit son my laptop, will see if I can find it.

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I love the colors :)
Great work
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