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Izabull Death Colossus

Had some time off between normal work and wanted to give my take on a Rift Death Colossus.

Part of It's axe and limbs are made of some of the other creatures it has killed through out the Rifts. Souls eternally petrified into it's gruesome form. The first thing you notice when confronting this creature are the horrific screams and moans coming from all the beings trapped in it's decayed body. If you do not defeat Izabull your body will die yet your soul will live in torment forever in it's form. I wish you and your soul the best of luck confronting this abomination.
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Beautiful. Horrifying concept but absolutely beautiful
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You've created one brilliantly horrific creature here.
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This so should have won the contest!!! I absolutely love it
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I just found your art today and i am in love with it..Its so translusid,colors are so meaningful..i will be very very glad if you join refine-art contain only the best works..i hope you like it
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how do you do this! All of your art work is amazing
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This is amazing..................That's all.
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That is an amazing piece of work. I love your use of ethereal color.
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Long live the metal!
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O.....M......G..... :wow: AWESOME just STUNNING!
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Awesome masterpiece!!! WOW!!!
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terrifying and imposing, I can only pity the poor saps that didn't succeed.

oh, and I can favorite this too, I can do that.

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thank you for the kind comments.
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No problem at all, this piece is certainly deserving of it.

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Really awesome. Sure you´re in the 3 best works to the RIFT contest :D
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Thank you, unfortunately the piece didn't make it to the top 25 but congrats to all those who did.
Awesome work ! I'm completely a fan :)
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This is truly fearsome! WOW!
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Great job, looks scary as hell!!
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