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Hercules the Knives of Kush 4

Cover art for Radical comics Hercules series.
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Good job with the lion's skin!
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My fav Hero of all time ^^
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beast.. nuf said
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great work and great integration of the Nemean lionskin.
Great picture man :)
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I love Radical's Hercules books! Bravo!
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Amazing work can I ask did you start painting in value before adding color in photoshop?
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greta artwork, ill fave it
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absolutely AWESOME!
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That is awesome!
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Man I don't know what to say, that has to be one of the coolest paintings I've seen!! Unique talent!

Agreed! This is an incredible painting!

I love Hercules! He's an amazing mythological public domain character! I've been a fan of the vast majority of the different takes on Hercules. There have been a few I didn't appreciate and like such as the Lou Ferrigno-Hercules, the Kellan Lutz-Hercules and the DC Comics version of Hercules(who is a villain).

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I love it, it's realy great.
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The anatomy, configuration and fire-illuminated skin tones of your heroic-warriors reminds me so much of the John Duillo covers in the 60’s Lancer Conan series. Duillo’s Conans were always underappreciated, no doubt because he was “competing” with Frank Frazetta’s Conans. But Duillo’s warrior’s were great, like your “Hercules” in this composition. You really capture the explosive mythic hyper-reality necessary to illustrating comic book exposition. Battle scenes like this one, done for comics, are often capable of better representing the ferocity, madness and pathos of men killing other men better than most of Hollywood’s cinematic efforts.
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Awesome pic. Hercules looks like the champion he is.
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One of the best portrayals of Hercules i've seen! Fantastic stuff! :D
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Wowm this is epic, the detail is gorgeous!
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W O W . . . . excellent
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It's superb I can't believe it !
That's so awesome scene. Lion mask is really stunning and it's absolutely great idea to give scary impression to your enemy. His mimic also shows great warrior never hesitate never fear :)
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