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Alien warrior

This was an oil painting that I did a few years back. There
's something about the rawness and texture of oils that is so unpredictable and unique that I still keep wanting to go back to all the time.
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Holy SHOOT!!! I been looking for this ever since BudK featured it on their cover years ago.
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This picture is excellent! Great talent!
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yes this is still your best ever!

By the way the logo on your site reminds me of my Stargazer, a pacan Queen that never wanted to recognise the 12 tribes of Israel and then was taken unaware when Israel finally showed her toilet face on the mighty Stargazer (she thought she had become omnipotent because she was operating with the help of darkpowers underground)
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its one of the 1st concept arts i ve seen btw.. kept it in my concept art folder for ages! :)
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... i love it :)
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:wave: Your art was featured: [link]
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very sweet colors and i love all the little details in it. i remember seeing this on the cover of the bud-k catalog last year. great work.
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great character design man!
Oil painting? This is madness!

In a good way, of course :)
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I am not worthy, :jawdrop: another amazing piece, I love the your work.


"You want to know how I got this far? I didn't leave enough for the way back"- Vincent in Gattaca
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Whoa this is amazing. I like all the details.
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That's amazing! I can' even begin to imagine how much time you put into this.
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Beautifully done! There's so much detail in this! Even though there's only one figure, the angles you've used really lead the eye around the page. Very cool!

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i remember this picture, damnit, this is my favourite in all of pic who isaw in this years...

keep killing.
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Friggin' Awesome !!!
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Long time no see JP...Always great to see your work.I like all of your work,but I have always been a big fan of your oils!
so, that was dont in corel painter? with oils? :D
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it kind of looks like it belongs on 'Magic-the Gathering' like it would be one of those cards, it looks amazing though, very nice texture ^^
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