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Ah the angelkin, the descendants of celestials are truly a fun race to RP and play. Incredible artwork, the flaming figure supplying most of the light lends an intensity to the scene. 
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Created for Pathfinder you mean... how did you get to making art for them? -just curious-
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I can't imagine flames being much of a threat to these meatless foes.
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She is of Angelkin heritage. i wonder if they even have hair?
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I bought this book. Killer composition!
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I see a holy symbol of Sarenrae...
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the battle that is about happen, heheheh makes me trembling.
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Is she an archangel?
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an Aasimar in the Paizo game universe...might be the same as an Archangel
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Thank you for letting us feature your Amazing work! :iconfantasyfans101::iconshuffelinplz:
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Jean D'Arc in Mordor :)
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Love the motion and action in the piece. And fiery hair and a halo are always a nice addition :)
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I love that she is bald. Somehow it makes her look more 'holy,' I think.
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kicks proverbial butt!
becomm's avatar usual !!!
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This looks absolutely amazing, beautiful work !
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AMAZING as always :nod:
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