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A Game of Thrones

An oil painting for fantasy flight games board game
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This is really good 👍
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That is amazing. Have any more like that?
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This is beautiful.
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O..think I've seen this on google once, nice to know what it's about & who made it, grand work.
Ecellent picture love how you did John Snow and the his wolf ghost, he is my favourite Character in the books
Allegro11Maestoso's avatar
Painting???? acrylics or watercolours? It's amazing
Kyo-wolf's avatar
Woah, I favorited this years ago and was going through my favorites gallery and came across it again. I just realized what this was a depiction of. Haha. I also just started reading the series. Man, if only I had known those years ago when I had favorited this piece!
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Sweeeet. I like how you interpreted the proportions of the direwolf, it rings true to the description I remember from the book.
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Now this one also in my favourite list.... :typerhappy:

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So wonderful my friend. I've commented on a few of your works now. I am so glad I found you on here. I love your work. This depiction of Jon Snow as lord commander of the Night's Watch is beautiful. I saw above that it hangs in your home. I trust you are watching Game Of Thrones on HBO? hehe
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And that would be 'Lord' Snow!
Awesome books, nice pic!
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My favorite book series!
athena1999's avatar
That is absolutely amazing! That's the cool thing about oil painting; you can get as detailed as possible, and that's what you certainly did! :D
copperarabian's avatar
I love how massive the horse is :D
karsten's avatar
nice setting, I would love to see that in wallpaper size :)
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That's a wonderful art of Jon and Ghost :O absolutely beautiful, instant fav
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White wolf,cool:)
AIR-EEL's avatar
best painting i've seen of jon!
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I've seen a very small image of this in the back of the books, promoting the board game and such. This is a beautiful piece I must say, and the crisp landscape compared to the darkness of the riders is wonderful and I love Ghost espiecially.
FatherStone's avatar
I love your art, man. All the work you've done for ASOIAF is superb.
vailea1666's avatar
great artwork,John looks amazing and Ghost its just perfect.Best series ever done.You're so talented^^
angya-The-dreamer's avatar
I just LOVE this one... Black horse and a wolf... I just love them... Amazing job!
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