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The Waterloo shaderpack is available as of today for Autodesk Maya 2013 /2014/2015 and is compatible with
Pixar renderman 18 & 19.…

Orange jus, ice cubes and the glass have the same shader applied, just a different setting.
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Waterloo is just one shader !

TV Waterloo

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Old man - Painting Practice by Grimnor
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Mature Content

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Hades by AEmiliusLives
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2D Art
Calendar #32:  Uni February - Cruader by Holyknight3000
Mono Impressions - made to order by Picture-Bandit
Waterloo Liquid shader Pixar Renderman by TargetView
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Shazam Pecils VS. Inks 2016 by barfast

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You may submit your art to the right folder, once a day.
The submitted art needs to be made by you.
If the art contains stock items, those artists needs to be credited.

Featuring :
Every month we will choose 7 art pieces and these pieces will be on the mainpage of Target View for a whole month.

What we don't like
Porn and ordinary nude is not allowed !!!
Stealing or mis using other people's art will get you banned immediately

3D Superheroes :
for all heroes created with 3D apps

For the rest ... we hope you enjoy your membership at Target View.
Ow yeah, if your art doesn't get accepted, please don't be disapointed.
It happens to all of us.









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