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Marvel X DC Dance Off

By taresh
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ahem....a totally random pic that is also a little bday present for a family member (because were going on a superhero fancydress night out) the idea started that he wanted a pic of some superheroes and evolved into a dance off.
basically picked his favs from dc and marvel (superman & iron man) and mine (batman & spiderman)

was fun to draw some classic superheroes again for a little change after a couple of years of nothing but manga/anime style.
if you cant tell who is doing what dance, its
batman - the infamous batdance of the old adam west tv show.
superman - Saturday night fever, ala john travolter. yeah i know theres a dance move called superman, but then he'd just look like himself.
spiderman - well that hand he makes to fire webbing, just screamed for him to MOSH! plus troubled teen and all he's bound to have gone through a phase
and thanks to harry for the idea when my brain wasnt working
ironman - the robot... need i say more :D
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Party time
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the real competition is between Joaquin phoenix's Arthur Fleck/Joker and Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker/Spiderman
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AKA The Joker Stairs Dance & Peter's Emo Dance
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Now that's superhero dance party ^^
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Batman: I'm gonna win this dance off
Superman: (Oh no, please don't ask him why)
Ironman: Oh really?
Spider-Man: And why is that?
Superman: SH#T!
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Very funny i really like this
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wilsonkodihaloHobbyist Artist
even though batman is my fave super hero out of them, i must say spider man won this one. lol i love it lol
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WatchuDrawingHobbyist General Artist
LMAO! This is gold!
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Felipe400Hobbyist Artist
I saw this and I imagined Spider-Man head banging to Judas Priest's Living After Midnight song! Cool!
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this is why superhero's never dance.
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batdance from adam west?
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ThunderGokuHobbyist Filmographer
Batman: How did you guys convince me to do this?

Superman: Stayin' alive, stayin' alive!

Spiderman: Rock on freaky bro!

Ironman: This is embarrassing 
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Batman:Hahaha!U serious?!:XD:
Ironman: BWhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!:rofl:
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ChibiNeoHobbyist Digital Artist
Webs made me laugh!
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Batman doing that ONE Adam West dance....made me laugh so hard !
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AprionHobbyist General Artist
funniest picture EVER XD you just made my year.
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TheLazyPerfectionistHobbyist Digital Artist
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ZiggymanProfessional General Artist
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JuliusC1224Hobbyist General Artist
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this looks so awkward...
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Frozx398Student Traditional Artist
love how ther all doing their own thing! great job!
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Automan217Student Digital Artist
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TheHorseLadyHobbyist General Artist
The winner is always Batman. Always. Great drawing! It made me laugh!
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