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Games Crossover final battle

By taresh
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Finally got around to finishing the background on this one,
very happy with how it came out, it was fun experimenting with glows and lava effects hehe.
also added the extra little cameos.

Blank background version

okay before anyone starts complaing about my match ups or who i've left out, i wanna say these are all either some of my fav game franchises or some i just wanted to put in

all match ups are pretty self explanatory by genre etc.

with the exception of solid snake and chris redfield. okay well i went the fact that both have a habit of surviving inhuman and outrageous odds, be it giant robots or giant monsters. I know i could have gone with Sam Fisher, but the simple fact is, i just don't like the splinter cell games all that much at all.

also as for the master chief and samus thing, i didn't go with that because, well its already been done to death and again i just haven't played enough of metroid to make samus a centric point. And decide to pit 360's big sci-fi shooters against one another.

the characters present also kind of reflect my console preferance, mostly Playstation, closely followed by 360 and little in the way of nintendo.

anyhoo, hope you enjoy this as much as i did making it

Comment and le me know what you think :D
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I'm impressed.

If this game appeared, i would blow my money for it.
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I'd like to see Kratos Asura and Dante vs all the rest
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dragolianxStudent Filmographer
 I like how Nate isasking Laura to call him while she's shooting at him
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FlareEmerald77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
God this is perfect!
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Livia25Hobbyist General Artist
Fistron's avatar
FistronHobbyist General Artist
So crazy.;P
Lhakryma's avatar
Meh, as soon as you bring Dante into the picture, the battle is decided :P
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OddWorld997Hobbyist General Artist
You could to draw Abe on the edge that he innocently sits and afraid of the others...
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WhytMangaProfessional Traditional Artist
the everlasting battle between DmC and God of War..lol
IvanWolf15's avatar
Esta seria una batalla super épica, mas si se hiciera una animación 
Willy2664's avatar
Willy2664Student Traditional Artist
Sonic is gone, Issac Clarcke is gone, jesus even MARIO is gone
NinteRarewSegaFan123's avatar
Awesome, but I see Mario's hat, Sonic's shoe and Issac Clarke's helmet, what happened to them? O_o 
jericho537's avatar
don't forget gordan's crowbar
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KeybladeMagicDanHobbyist Writer
Go Link!
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Looks like the BIG loser will be the scenery. :D
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I'm speechless poor Isaac XD
Please if you like shonen jump something like this for J Stars Victory Vs would be much appreciated.
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superJROlanderStudent General Artist
PscipolnitsaMidday's avatar
Brilliant. Just Brilliant.
SmithKalivaJordan's avatar
HOLY SHIT IS THAT AWESOME! I would say "HOLY FUCK IS THIS EPIC", if Cole McGrath from InFamous also would be there, but this is still epic!
DreamActualizer's avatar
so much awesome... all in one place... it's a wonder the very ground beneath them doesn't implode or something
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RedwallChick1303Hobbyist General Artist
It is just AWESOME. Love it :D
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