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Breaking the pencil!
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How I feel about social media nowadays
turbo-wooo-bots's avatar
aw, he bent his pencil in half
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look that's me when my computer isn't working the way i want it to, XD
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I feel like doing that.
zellomine's avatar
but u chewed the pencil with ur own teeth
great idea! I love it :)
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Totally Describe Me Right Now..... :p
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Angry... or hungry?
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It matches the creepy music im listing too XD
Can we use this image?
Can we use this picture?? Great design..
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This is pure skill
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so awesome!!!! will attempt something like that myself!
Hello. I would like to ask your permission and approval about having this picture next to one of my poetry in my self-publish poetry anthologies. I will credit your link.

highly appreciate it if you respond positively.
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this is why i hate school!
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