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Hello everybody!

First up, I'd like to apologise for how inactive this group has been over the last couple of months. I'm soon to be starting Uni in a month so I've super busy (and stressed) since the end of last year. If anyone had deviations they wanted to submit, but they had expired, feel free to re-submit so I can add them in asap!
If you are interested in becoming an active co-founder please note me so I can get some help :icondoctorsmileplz:

NOW onto the topic at hand!


Season 9 of Doctor Who came to an end late last year, and boy, was it an adventure! We had sonic sunglasses, a guitar playing Doctor, the return of Skaro, immortal hybrids, Gallifreyan torture chambers, Gallifrey itself, and a café shaped TARDIS!

The series ended with a frozen in time Clara and immortal hybrid, Me, going off on their  own adventure, as the Doctor is left on Earth with his own TARDIS painted with flowers and a picture of the Clara he had recently forgotten.

The Christmas ep brought River Song back and rekindled the DoctorxRiver love story, with them finishing the episode on Darillium, spending what might be their last night together. (which, on Darillium, will last 24 years)

Unfortunately I can't write a whole synopsis for the series, but, personally, it is my favourite series since Ten.

Tell me what you guys think, and where you think the next season might lead! Especially since we will now have a new writer, Chris Chibnall!

Can't wait to hear your opinions, founder-
Hey Whovians, it's been a while :icondoctorsmileplz:

I was talking with my mum and she thinks that the 12th Doctor won't be the last one, but I think this is his last regeneration.
My thinking is that when the Gallifreyans only gave him enough power for one more regeneration, (this was in the final episode with the 11th Doctor) but she thinks they have given him enough to last him much longer.

So, I throw this question out to you guys: Do you think the 12th Doctor is the last Doctor? Why/Why not?

Comment down below if you want to :icondoctorwinkplz:
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Welcome to our page devoted to Doctor Who!

Before you contribute to our gallery, we have a few rules...
- Please put your artwork into the correct folders. That is the point of folders
- Artwork/Fanfiction shouldn't be NSFW
- Don't be mean! This group is for fans, not Daleks...

Thanks for reading, and if you haven't already, JOIN US!

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This group is dedicated to Doctor Who and every thing that falls into that catagory. Like: The Doctor(s)
The Daleks
The Master(s)
The Tardis
The Companions
Etc, etc, etc, etc!

Also if you were apart of the group "DocterWhoLoversUNITE' Then this is the group I wanted you to join!

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Welcome to our group! As you can see we love Doctor Who.

We aren't picky about which one just as long as it's the Doctor, we love him!
Help us make this group a SUPER GROUP so we can spread the love of this group around even more!
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