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GP: Panoplosaurus



Genesis Park: Panoplosaurus mirus
Age: 75MYA  
Location: North America; Canada
Length: Up to 7 meters
Weight: Up to 5 tons
Diet: Herbivorous
Rating: 2 stars

   Panoplosaurus is one of the more obscure dinosaurs living at the park. It is a Nodosaurid, a group of Ankylosaurs without bony clubs. This animal had armor covering its whole back and entire tail except the base. The animal's hide on the sides of its body is also an inch thick, even its eyelids were armored. This makes it very hard for darts to penetrate and help cure disease but luckily, Panoplosaurus has a very good immune system. Their vocalizations consist of low bellows and grunts. Like all Ankylosaurs, they are not fast in any meaning of the word but have good reflexes. They have terrible eyesight and can only see a few meter distance clearly. They have an amazing sense of smell though and easily can find food and water. They travel alone but small creatures like Rhamphorynchus and Compsognathus follow them. These help by eating parasites and serve as sentries with their acute eyesight. They do not have a lot of osteoderms but do have a few large shoulder spikes. They are very rare animals and are almost never seen. To better protect from predators, they live in rocky, mountainous areas and can trek through there like an all terrain vehicle. They have an extendable tongue which they use to identify each other by licking scent glands and gripping soft ferns and shoots; its favorite food.

Alternate colors: Green armor with red skin
green armor with brown skin and a grey underbelly.    

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do you color these with colored pencils?