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Irenes' Sirensong

By Tarapotamus
Another shot of my Irenes from Chrono Cross. Taken at Anime Fest in TX 2012.

Photo by :iconkuragiman:

The bodysuit was sewn by me and one-process gradient dyed, ALL fins are painted latex, "hair" is cast latex, armor is leather, harp prop is solid pine ^_^. and yes I made everything.

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That is an AMAZING cosplay!  You've done a fantastic job with it! :D
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thank you so much!!  It was a labor of love.
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I still love this one the most from you and it was also a great pleasure to see it in person.
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1st) Irene is a mermaid
2nd) Mermaid and Sirens are very diverse
2nd gaiden) 1st one is fish-girl, second is harpy-like lady, just classier
3rd) Cosplay's good
Tarapotamus's avatar
"Siren Song" is actually one of Irenes' attacks in the game ;)
and Thanks :D
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Then fk the translator/adaptors from the then Square of America
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More like "Oh noez americans can't even notice the difference between a siren and a mermaid"
Tarapotamus's avatar
well technically a Siren *is* a mermaid, its just that a mermaid is not always a siren.
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Siren in Final Fantasy VIII is what a siren would look like somehow.
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This is a truly astounding costume. And you're pretty, so you look the part of Irenes, too. Kudos, kudos, kudos!
Tarapotamus's avatar
Thank you!! I hope to have more pics up of Irenes very soon so keep an :eye: out! ;D
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nice cosplay! congrats on making everything yourself as well :)
Tarapotamus's avatar
Many thank yous!
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Tarapotamus's avatar
Many thank yous! It was lots of hard work!
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Beautiful work!
You're very skilled :)
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Tarapotamus's avatar
experience ;D Also don't be afraid of trial and error! Also google.
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Wow did you make the belt and harp yourself? Is it from a mold?
Tarapotamus's avatar
Yes and no. The harp was a board of pine that I made a pattern for, sawed out and carved and sanded by hand for hours to get it right XD Then it was stained and the handle wrapped in gold pearlized vinyl.

The Belt is 100% leather, "painted" with rub'n'buff and then I did black wash in layers for the weathering. The blue gem on the belt is a custom resin molded gem that I made.
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