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Don't open the door...

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Breynz the Zombie Werewolf lurking at the Travelodge Hotel before leaving for the MCM London Expo on Saturday 29th Oct 2011. The other guests found him quite unsettling.

This was my first Expo and I had so much fun! People liked Breynz and he had lots of photos taken - if you've got any, please post a link here!

Breynz the Zombie Werewolf was made by :iconqarrezel: and is owned/worn by myself.
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miguel6789Student Digital Artist
scp 1471 is here!
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bruh i never realized that SCP 1471 was an ACTUAL fursuiter and oh my god i love it even more. amazing work with that!

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AristocrapsHobbyist Digital Artist
what do you think about being a scp?
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Would totally open the door

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NerdGirl72Hobbyist General Artist
0_0 my god. Now I now where SCP-1471 came from
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ImalifelesshuskHobbyist Artist
Mobile Task Force nine failed fox has discovered a colorized picture of scp 1471
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LMAO, all the people on here not realizing that this is the original picture that got used for 1471 and either hating on you for trying to steal it or praising you for making a cosplay of the scp are cracking me up. Love the suit, very wendigo-esque and a wonderful example of a zombie fur.
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Crack-NHobbyist General Artist
So, it just went full circle, huh...
hey dude, I'm a fairy, let me in.
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ArmyOfMutantsStudent Digital Artist
I feel bad for this person. Having this image used in an SCP file, and people making porn of it.
This is just sad that this happened to this person.
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If you look in the older comments someone posted the link, and the owner replied that they were flattered at how famous they had become because of it. Not "sad" at all.

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Well, the image is copyrighted, meaning they had to give the SCP Foundation permission to use the image. They may not have expected it to get as popular as it did, but it's not like it's there without their knowledge.
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I want this so bad XD this looks amazing almost like a wendigo. Is it weird I find it kinda cute? I love doggos -3- those eyes are unsettling though. Good job! Anyone in a 50 meter radius around this beast would have a heart attack I bet (why does it look like my sleep paralysis demon?). Anyways good job :3
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SCP-I47I is spotted!
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Fandom-PersonStudent Digital Artist
so...this is THE original picture
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wog1pifftingProfessional Digital Artist
I am so sorry
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achiingxHobbyist Digital Artist
holy fucking shit 1471
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mrshotgun32Student Digital Artist
are you? SCP-1471?
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xXxBlazer351xXxHobbyist Digital Artist
I fucking knew Dr.Bright was running around again dammit! 
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Everything is Bright's fault... except for Kondraki riding SCP-682 & nearly destroying Site-19 as a result of him terminating SCP-083-D.
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all of the scp foundation hates you for this.
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You do realize that this is the original picture used for 1471 right?
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