I haven't posted anything new in quite some time. For one thing, I'm not been doing art for a while. I start things, see where their going, then not bother to finish since it won't really accomplish anything that I haven't done, many times before. What doesn't help is that I see that downloads from Deviant art choose pretty much the same two dozen favourites -- mostly satisfying mud, petrification and restraint enthusiasts of one sort or another. I've long since lost any interest in those subjects. I would be keener on posting old art if there was a more obvious interest in something other than the same old "favourites." Well... I'm not quitting, at an event. I may get back into the swing of doing new art ... eventually. But if it isn't going to be more mud and statues, it may not be very popular.

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Has sir considered an account at Patreon.com ?

It's like an online busker's cap.

Fairly simple and great for talented artists such as yourself.