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Heroes and Villains: A Fraggle Rock Story

It all began because Wembley Fraggle got into a scrape again. And that happened because Red and Gobo were in an argument over which Fraggle was the better explorer. Without question, the spat should never have begun, since everyone knew that Gobo was the not only the best explorer in the Rock, but also nearly the only one among them who had any interest in poking their noses into unfamiliar corners of the World-as-They-Knew-It. Yet, once again, the two friends were stubbornly pitting their wills against one another in a contest! “C'mon, eh,” said Gobo, “You know you never go exploring." “I have so! Lots of times!” snapped the hot-tempered Red. “Not unless I dared you. Even then, half the time you turned back. And you quaked like a Trembling Stink Lily every step of the way.” Red’s demeanor nearly bristled with electricity. “Gobo Fraggle, you take that back!” The other Fraggle held his ground, however. “You've never even followed me out into Outer Space. Not once! You’ve chickened out


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Into a Red Hole-Red Dwarf

(Mar 06 -- 8206 Words) INTO A RED HOLE Reflections on the Unending Voyage of the Last Man Alive… and Last Cat, Last Holo, Last Android, Last A.I. and Sundry Other Cast, Adrift Aboard the Jupiter Mining Corporation’s Derelict Starship, Red Dwarf By Taral Wayne --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It begins with a stubby figure in a space suit, swabbing a rusty tone of red over metal plate, and as the camera backs off it can be seen that the red paint forms a stroke of a gigantic letter “F”.  Still backing away, the word “Dwarf” comes int


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