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[No, this sketch is not at all consistent it other, similar Fraggle fantasies I’ve written.]

Willa’s Dream…

The other Fraggle regarded Willa speculatively.  “You know, I’ve always enjoyed our little games.  But, would this would really work?  This isn’t just sculpting with clay and paint?”

“Y-y-yes.  It’s made from r-rock spider dew, and really w-w-works.”

Kiki stepped a little closer to the nervous rock spider in it’s cage … but not too close … not yet, at any rate.

“It s-s-sort of drips from the rock spiders, w-which is why anyone they t-t-touch t-turns to s-s-s-stone.”

“No wonder no one goes near them,” said Kiki.  “So you think I should turn myself into stone?”

“Oh, n-no.  Not if you don’t want t-t-to, of course.”  Willa looked expectantly toward the other Fraggle.  “B-but you talk such th-things all the time, as though you might become a st-statue if you c-c-could.”

“I do like posing for you, I admit.  This would be going a lot farther than pretending, though.  Unfortunately, I can only pose in hardened clay for a little while … and that, not very hard clay, either.  It was easy to break out.  Do you recall how long my best time was?”

As though in a rush to say it, Willa said, “Four-days, seven-hours-and-six-minutes!  Wasn’t it won-won-wonderful?”

“Well… yeah.  It was, but you have no idea how badly I needed to pee when you finally let me go.”  Kiki grew a little uncomfortable remembering how badly she had needed to go that time – but she also grew considerably more aroused as well.  What if she never needed to pee again?  Or do anything that was not statue-like?

“That was why I had t-to let you go then.  I really did-did-didn’t want to.”

“But, if I didn’t have to stop being a statue, I could just go on being one… forever.  If I wanted to, that is.  But I really would turn to stone, if I chose to?”

Even though she said nothing more, the gleam in Willa’s eye said everything.  

“Would it be quick?  Would I feel anything as it happened?  Or know anything after it happens?  Will it ever wear off, or does just happen and it’s done?”

“I-I-I don’t suppose anyone knows who hasn’t t-turned to stone.  But then, I d-d-don’t know whether you’d know after turning to s-stone either.”

“No.  I don’t suppose I would … once I’ve done it.”

“N-no.  Stone is s-stone, and th-there be n-no more you.  Just a beautiful st-sta-statue of you.  Are you g-g-g-going to do it?  You will, w-won’t you?”

Kiki had a look in her eyes that was lost in the distance.  “Okay.  Tell me what I do next?”

Willa offered the other Fraggle a small, glass vial with a stopper, and said, “D-r-r-ink this.  It will only t-take a moment.”

Kiki sipped.  It tasted a little bit like ginger and lime … but then it went away as Kiki handed the vial back.  She meant to say something for a moment, but then changed her mind.  “I don’t think I can feel my fingers and toes.  No … I know I can’t.  In fact … I have trouble … mov … ing… ”  Kiki had one leg partly lifted, and twisted herself to one side around in effort to see herself petrify.   With a final nod, Kiki glanced at the other Fraggle, and said through a wide smile. “I … love … it …”    But then she stopped entirely.  In less than a minute, she froze into solid, inanimate marble all the way through.

Inside, Kiki somehow remained even after the last trace of life, where there was only a silence beyond feeling, thought or desire.  Wherever she was, Kiki was content … even though, perhaps, she wasn’t actually anywhere at all.  Perhaps it was only an illusion that something persisted, even after life.  Whatever it was, the feeling was easy to forget that it was even there.  The sense of being came to Kiki less and less often with time, until – at some point – it no longer came at all.  Whatever it was that had turned to stone that had imagined it was Kiki, was soon gone for good.

Finally, there was nothing at all but a statue in her place.

Willa was filled with the magnitude of what she had done.  From a living, breathing Fraggle – who had stood at her side only moments before – there was a now wonderful change, a transformation as permanent as The Rock itself.  The statue of Kiki stood in perfect balance and grace, such as had came naturally to the Fraggle.  Her intriguing shapes and supple curves invited Willa’s first tentative, then enthusiastic caresses.  No longer self-conscious, Willa explored the marble Fraggle’s open mouth with her tongue, while eager hands locked around the statue’s hips.  Willa pressed up against the statue’s exposed sex, and rubbed.  Willa could not press deep, but stroking the complex folds and cleft were more exciting than she had ever imagined.  She lost all sense of time, and was soon on hands and knees to plant heavy kisses on the marble.  

When at last Willa was satisfied, she stood back from the statue.  Of course, Kiki had not moved.  But that was how the two Frazzles had wanted it – one of them deeply in love, and the other was merely the inanimate object that belonged to it.

–  –

And then, Willa was drifting up into wakefulness.

“Sorry,” said Kiki.  “I didn’t mean to wake you.  Have a nice, quick nap, did you?”

“Oh, um, y-yes.  I was going to st-st-start a new pot, and d-d-drifted off in a day-dream.  You’ll come this afternoon as u-u-usual, to model for me?”

“Of course.  Wouldn’t miss it.  Although I’ve begun to think that you only ask me to come over to mess around.  Usually, before giving up, you seem to cover me up with as much clay as you possibly can.  I don’t think you’ll ever finish anything unless you can satisfy yourself you’ve there’s no part left uncovered, and can talk me into holding still until I become another piece of pottery for the shop.”

“It would be n-n-nice if we c-could.” Said Willa, wistfully.  “But that’s silly, i-i-is’t it?”

“I like your mud packs just fine, anyway – even if we do seem to get carried away with them.  ‘Head to toe – tush to tail,’ that’s my motto.”  Kiki removed her jacket, and, hooking her bare feet on the legs, climbed onto the wooden stool where she usually modeled.  

Willa removed a pot of fresh clay from under a wet cloth, and began to smear if over Kiki’s chin and shoulders.  The last time, they had tried to fashion a unicorn’s horn on Kiki’s forehead, that sagged every time it grew longer than a finger’s length.  On another occasion, Willa had tried to bury Kiki legs in a full length mermaid’s tail.  More often, their ambitions were much more modest.

“What are you thinking of this time,” asked Kiki, licking a large spot of clay that had splattered on her face.  

Willa expertly spread the clay over the other Fraggle’s mouth, ending further questions.  

She said, “Only a d-d-day-daydream, I suppose.”  She continued work with the clay while she moved Kiki into a pose.  But, she turned her gaze now and then to a small glass viol up on an out-of-the-way shelf.  “Something to t-t-think about someday,” she added.  “Maybe I’ll tell you about it one day … b-b-but-but not today.”

“Mmmmm-mmmm,” said Kiki, but what she had to say was unintelligible under the clay.
Another Fraggle fantasy that didn't happen...
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L-exander909 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017
Many thanks for the wonderful read!

I must say, your writing style is sublime~
TaralWayne Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2017  Professional General Artist
Practice.  Too much of it, maybe, and should have been trying to write pro on a serious basis, but spend too much time with fandom instead.
stonespell Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love your writing and art as always! Thanks for sharing this. Even as a dream, it's vivid and serves to define the dreamer's artist urge.
TaralWayne Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017  Professional General Artist
Does Willa *ever* use Kiki as a motel, or are even her dreams merely dreams within dreams?  I haven't defined her character far enough to be sure.  She may be s simply potter with odd thoughts that she keeps to herself, that Kiki and othres know nothing about.  They again, maybe there is some degree of hanky-panky going on between Willa and Kiki in the studio.  I haven't written myself into a corner about that so far, andd use these "fantasies" only for my own amusement.
stonespell Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They amuse me immensely! I think that builds a longing sort of tension I enjoy even more. An artist so enamored and a muse oblivious but basking in that sort of painful attention models tend to suffer. I can envision in Willa's mind the process, stuttering and shy, as she builds the courage to merely ask her to become her permanent object of desire.
TaralWayne Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2017  Professional General Artist
There are degrees and there are degrees of writing about this niche group (as I tend to call them), and one of the worse tendencies is to go right for the max.  It's more interesting to "nurse" ideas, I think.

I've done a very small amount of professional writing, and wish I had done more of it, and begun earlier.
Dreamons2 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2017
This is amazing!
I hope there will be more some day. Perhaps some art of Willa putting clay on Kiki.

But either way... lovely!!
TaralWayne Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017  Professional General Artist
I'm always glad someone gets something from these exercises.  Increasingly, I find it much easier to give expression to words than to actually drawing ... which is real work.
Dreamons2 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017
Understandable. I enjoyed it either way.
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