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I'm not really all that good with superheroes or their costumes.  This is all I came up with for "Stealth" -- a leathery "cat suit" (like Emma Peel) and a pearl grey shawl for no particular reason.  What does she do?  Well... she's strong, and tough (like Mr. Incredible) but also has a knack of blending into the background and being able to sneak around.  She can't quite be invisible.  So, you see why I don't bother with superheroes very often...
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Superhero costumes are usually designed to be eye candy rather than practical (some more blatant and obvious than others -- does having a cape really have anything to do with flight, for example?).

In the end, unless you are a decades-old company with a huge brand marketing budget and a nostalgia factor earned partially through longevity, it's the character's story and the author/artist's unique voice that determine if an audience cares. The genre is very well traveled territory, and being both different AND good is a challenge.
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It's probably as well its not a path I've chosen...