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Sexy Skunk

The second mail order half size booklet I produced was partly an art folio and the hother half a couple of short pieces I wrote. It began at the price of a dollar and gradually rose to $5. The cover for it was based on the cover of a fascinating portfolio book of art by a Japanese commercial painter named Sorayama. The book was named "Sexy Robot" and was a close match for my parody.
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I remember seeing this in the Mailbox Books catalog.
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Ed Zolna bought a number of most of my mail order publications. One wonders whether he still stocks any or if they're sold out. (Ed continues in business as Second Ed now.)
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I still haven't had a chance to order from Second Ed yet. I wonder how well it's doing?

By the way, are you going to Al's this year?
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Mister Z's rearranged his website ([link]) so that it's easier to get around now. Doing a site search for "Taral Wayne", he has Warbirds, Crittics, Tronn'a Toons, the 1996 MU Beatrix (B&W) and something in Bunny Babes #1 (anthology), and that seems to be it at present.

BTW Sexy Skunk is sexxxy, but the tail remains a problem - it's not bushy like a real skunk, but more resembles that of a bipedal dinosaur. Perhaps it's modeled after an ancestral form of the Teh Langgi?
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Oh, probably not. I don't even know if he's holding a summer get together this year, having not heard a word from Al in ages about anything.