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Rock Spider Garden

By TaralWayne
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I'm happy to say that Willa Fraggle has concocted a antidote to the bite of Rock Spiders.  It's made of clay, herbs and powdersd and tastes pretty much like mud, but it does work.  You drink it before going into Rock Spider dens and if you are bitten the petrifying bite eventually wears off.  It's problematic how effective it is, since it can take a long time to work.  Still, whether it takes days, weeks or years, it's better than turning to stone forever.  One hopes Kiki has remembered to drink her cup of Willa's "mud."
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CloudchaserShaconage's avatar
I love it when a girl looks casual about exposing herself like that
darktenor5's avatar
Ahhh this charachrier is soooooooo cute
TaralWayne's avatar
The antidote will kick in when it kicks in, and then she'll be fine.  It would be a good idea to get away from there, however, as I don't know if the antidote will work for second or third bites.
FrostTheHobidon's avatar
that good to know

amazing job with the artwork by the way
XUnlimited's avatar
Poor Kiki, I hope she be ok.
TaralWayne's avatar
Give her time...
EarlMcClaw's avatar
I hope it also confers a certain amount of immunity once the transformation wears off.

And they better keep working on both something that will (temporarily) block Rock Spider bites as well as something that will work when applied to those already bitten.
rubberbeth's avatar
*giggles* I do find it curious that you did not explain Kiki's reason for needing to into the rock spider garden at all...

Though, judging by her choice of both attire and pose, I can only imagine it was for... pleasurable reasons. :)
TaralWayne's avatar
Of some sort...
rubberbeth's avatar
"Some" sort? Oh you're not fooling anyone, you know... :)
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