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I was fooling around and remembered a comic book that was once a favourite of mine, decades ago -- The Metal Men.  The members of this superhero team included Iron, Gold, Lead, Mercury and Tin.  Only Platinum had a name.  Her inventor gave her the name Tina before creating the rest.  The members of The Metal Men (and Lady) had the "properties" of the metal the were made from.  Gold, for instance, was ductile, Iron was strong, Mercury as a liquid and so on.  In practical terms, the were shape shifters, and did things like form steam shovels, cranes, vehicles and the like, and their differences were not all that dramatic.  Now and then, one would be a conductor, and another would not be, and that could be worked into the plot.  In a later issue, a rival group of Metal Men was created.  I don't remember them all, but Copper and Silver (another girl) were among them.  They went bad for one reason or another, and, after a fight with the real Metal Men, were destroyed.  For this drawing I've created a single member of a new generation of Metal Men (or a Metal Femme), Nickel.  Given the name Nicole, she does not morph, but has electromagnetic abilities such as creating electricity, magnetism and even laser action!  Nicole's creation was an accident and no plans were made to create another like her.  There's more backstory that that, but I don't want to yadda-yadda-yadda needlessly.  The blue markings are thin neon lights -- the ought to be thinner, but I didn't feel like the added work it would take to be more careful.

[I decided to revised the blue illuminated strips, slimming them down as I originally intended.  To do this I was forced to resort to Photoshop for the touch-up.  This is the revised file.]
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Consistency and continuity were not strong points in this series. Tin, whose forte is not his strength but,rather, ,brain, built a pretty tin girl. She disappeared without explanation, not even mentioned, just before the Metal Men became hated and hunted, with Doc Magnus in a coma, and they finally had to become human beings (Guy Gilden, John Steele, Mercurio the artist, Leadby Hand, Tinker, Tina Platt) The series was cancelled when Doc, awakened from his coma, was now evil. Even when cured, his sanity was now always in question.

Nameless ca,me back, only to be annihilated in a Brave & Bold story. I doubt the canonity of these B&B stories.

With the Crisis, Zero Hour and all that monkeyshines, their entire history is pfft !

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Like most comics, they are a heartless attempt to raise readership, regardless of the violence done to premise or logic.

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There was a parallel band (Osmium, Iridium, Gallium, Cobalt...), but they were destroyed thanks to Tina's meddling, in but one issue, All were possessed by an evil spirit she set free...

I seem to recall Osmium throwing her(?)self at a walking skyscraper to knock it down...

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when i saw the thumbnail of the picture the first image that came to mind was the old metal men comic, so i say you hit the style dead on and it nice to see i was not the only fan of that comic series, nicely done

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Ah the Metal Men, now Metal Fem!