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Fraggle Slide

I think this is the first new drawing I've finished in 2020, even though it is late May!  I do have a number of unfinished things hanging over my head from last year, so I better try to move faster... But I've been largely bored with drawing, and find more satisfaction with writing.  Still, I've been partly paid for some of the art, so...
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You may be burning out. - just like I did.

The very last story I began was one where my Citronella meets 2 houyhnmhnms . The visuals, and even the story line could not be settled on, and it was the end for a lifetime of cartooning. Aside from that, few liked my work...

The work you find in my gallery is from 24 years back. Except the pic labelled "2" which has been favorited by many. I THINK it's all one person who opens accounts, favorites my pic -and then closes the account !

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You never know until you're done...

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Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice - pull down your pants and slide on the ice.

- Maj. Sidney Freedman, M*A*S*H

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You should takea gander at NY work. I stopped cartooning almost 25 yrs ago and moved to text storytel e. It expresses my vision better.

Having trouble with this word processor.

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This rambunctious behavior reminds me of an incident in the long-running britcom "Last of the Summer Wine".

Three well-dressed men, in their 2nd childhood and enjoying it (Compo, Truly of the Yard and Cleggy) try rolling down a steep hill, which they used to do when kids. We only got to see the start of the stunt, but we see the aftermath: three disheveled men stumble into Ivy's diner and exasperate her when they tell her why they are scuffed up.

I hazard that this fraggle enthusiast got sore & bruised.

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The same happens to me, I prefer to upload my video game records than to draw.

I hope we can read soon the love story of Darl and Kiki.

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