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Callahan's Island p02

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I've had a lot of trouble getting back to this job, despite it being virtually finished.  The drawn pages needed going over a second time, in darker pencil, to scan well.  Even then, a lot of light pencil lines that weren't wanted were picked up by the scan and had to be painted out by hand.  I always seem to do this to myself -- I set a price based on the creation of something, but I never take into account the follow-up work and end up spending three times as many hours on the job as I'm paid for.  This is why painters and commercial studios charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  A typical comic company like Marvel or DC would have a budget of several hundred dollars for every page, which includes pencils, ink, lettering and colour.  However, you can't charge that kind of money to fan collectors, who can usually afford only a fraction of that.  Anyway, I've learned my lesson ... again... for now... and will have to "finish" the remaining pages to a lower standard.  There is no reason why these pages have to look squeaky clean when blown up to the size of a table top.  Four more pages to go, if I recall right.  (It's been a while.)

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is there any more or is it on another site

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hope the girl finds some nice mud
Hope to see this resume someday.
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Give them a little time...
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I think, it depends on what kind of paper and scanner one uses.  paper,  different drawing materials, different scanners (hard to repalce THAT part) reflect paper in slightly different way. Cheap scanners have UV filter that cuts off part of white\blue specter (it's not a physical filter, they filter the signal from the sensor, ALL scanner and digital camera matrices ase sensitive to UV and IR, just like human eye's "matrix"  is).

There are pens called "liners" they kind of a very thin gel pen with declared gauge (like mechanical pencils). But I find them iffy to employ for scanning   ;/
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If I scan inked drawings, I have far less trouble.  But I'm trying to cut that stage out and "save time" by scanning the pencil.  But that creates far more work in the scanning stage.  The device I use is a Canon LIDE 100 -- not expensive, but not really a bad scanner either.  Infinitely better than scanners a couple of generations earlier.
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Great... but where's page 1?
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It wasn't THAT long ago ... a quick search of my gallery would have found it immediately.

Callahan's Island p01s by TaralWayne
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For some reason I don't remember it.
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