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Callahan's Island p01s

By TaralWayne
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This is the start of an 11--page story about an overambitious reporter/adventurer named Winifred "Winn" Callahan. The story was commissioned by Vander Cat, who brought to the story an idea of a Sawyer-like cat character and a couple of companions, wandering in a jungle for yet-unclear reasons, who ... well, you'll have to follow the story for the rest. I was given a broad hand to flesh out the simple developments of Vander Cat's plot, to name and design the appearance of the characters (who only had to be cat-deer-and-rabbit),pick the exact setting and motive, and to write the dialog. As I went along and fed rough pages back to Vander Cat, he requested small changes here and there, and made a number of suggestions. Although I regard story and characters as Vander Cat's to play with further, this first adventure has to be described as "collaborative."
Page two will follow in a day or two, then page three, etc., as I clean up the rough pages and scan them. 
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Amelia Earhardt's bones may have wound up in an anthropologist museum collection years ago, as DNA analysis indicates a 99.9% likelihood that this skeleton is HER !

I wonder about her partner, a Mr.Noonan. 
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I just love that ship in the distance. Such a simple design, and a simple shadow.
looks very interesting  i hope you have the best of good luck making this adventure ! :thumbsup:
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Sounds, and looks like a fun story
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Maybe they arrived to the Skull Island... watch out, King Kong could be near.
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