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Le Artist Finis by TaralWayne
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Looking Good by TaralWayne
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Chrome Finish by TaralWayne
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Fluff by TaralWayne
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Fluff :icontaralwayne:TaralWayne 12 3
Let the Moon Dance
Darl had been watching Kiki with growing interest for the last ten minutes.  Kiki appeared to be too absorbed to notice.
She sat oblivious in the dust, not far from where a busy work gang of Doozers were erecting a tower.  Kiki reached over for a Doozer stick now and then, and absently chewed on it.  Around her feet were a handful of the crystal sticks.  She seemed fascinated by them, rearranging them over and over into various patterns … then throwing them into disarray in obvious excitement.  Darl gradually gained the impression that she was discovering geometry!
Kiki was smart as Fraggles went, but any calculation beyond “one, two, many” was more than surprising.  It was genius at work!
“Kiki, darling, what are you doing?”
Suddenly surprised, she looked up at Darl and said, “Have you ever noticed that if you make a square, all the corners make the same angle?”
“Of course.”
Satisfied with her deductio
:icontaralwayne:TaralWayne 3 0
Chilling Out by TaralWayne Chilling Out :icontaralwayne:TaralWayne 14 5 So That's a Gorg by TaralWayne
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So That's a Gorg :icontaralwayne:TaralWayne 5 2
Inspiration by TaralWayne
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Inspiration :icontaralwayne:TaralWayne 21 24
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Le Artist Finis
How I overlooked this piece for so long, I cannot imagine.  It took long enough to do, and then to digitally finish, so perhaps I simply assumed it had been posted?  In any case, it's posted now.  It is bascially the same drawing as… except that it is done as a skunk girl, and painter, rather than a rabbit in a chocolate factory.

What Now?
Classic portrait of Saara Mar, wondering what comes next?
Sitting Around
You can't dance your cares away all the time... sometimes you just sit and appreciate living.
Vickers Venom
I've worked this idea before, but in this version I finally got the idea I was after.  This one is a single engine fighter, similar in some respect to the Japanese Shinden fighter.  My earlier design was actually a twin engine job, but I wanted to try a lighter, more agile type.  


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Taral Wayne
Artist | Professional | Varied

Why do I belong to DeviantArt? On Monday, Apr 7, 2008, 2:36 AM I was advised in strong terms to create a website where I could show my art to SF fans. Of course, even with free webspace available, I have no idea how to create a website, anyway, so I joined DeviantArt instead. I already belonged to FurAffinity, but the material posted there is oriented to furry and erotic art. What I needed was a place to show art to the “straights,” viewers who are not entirely comfortable with fur, fetishes, anime and semi-literacy…

Not that you won’t find a little of that in my DeviantArt presence. But the emphasis here is on fanzine covers, science fiction, fantasy and humour.



Let me start something like 40 years ago... I've been deeply involved with Science Fiction fandom since the early 1970's, and after that much time it would be surprising if I hadn’t left some sort of impression. For one thing, I was the Fan Guest of Honour at the worldcon in Montreal, in 2009. As of this year, I've also been nominated 11 times for the Hugo award as Best Fanartist. I haven’t won yet, but they say that miracles happen. I was awarded the Rotsler prize for fanart in 2008, which at least comes with cash.

The key to winning is probably reaching outside of the small fanzine community, which while not strictly closed, isn't well known to SF fandom as a whole. Most of the winners in recent years seem to have had presences in spin-off fandoms such as Trek or gaming or costuming. More recently, on-line activity seems to have been pushing aside traditional media. The winners were also able to attend conventions where they could display their work in the art show. I don't really have those options, but there was one way I could match other artists. An on-line presence. Let my work speak for itself. Of course, I’m not naïve enough to think that good work will win out over networking and popularity, but I can always dream.

The problem with my page on FurAffinity is as I’ve said. It’s a pretty mixed bag, with a heavy emphasis on furry art, and much of it is too erotic or too kinky for a general audience. Friends urged me to find a different site for a showcase.

After a little thought, Deviant Art seemed the best option. Here I am. Browse thoroughly. Don't miss any folders regardless what I called them. And vote often...



If you don't mind, rather than rewrite the same boring old details about myself, I'll quite from FurAffinity.

Artist Profile:
I've been drawing almost before TV's were common, let alone computers and the internet. I was drawing furry characters before there was such a fandom. I might have been the first to use a computer to cut mimeograph stencils to publish an SF fanzine. But it's almost an entirely different world now, and I tend to be a bit slow keeping up. I don't carry a cell phone, own an iPod, known how to ICQ, use PayPal, or know how to operate my digital camera yet. But I try to hang in there.

What I have done (before middle age began to slow me down) includes some magazine and book illustration, a short and obscure career in b/w comics, private commissions, dealer at cons, and too many years as an active science fiction fan to care to number.

Because of the internet, making a living has become a lot trickier, it seems. It's multiplied the number of artists a hundredfold, but the audience is accustomed to 99% of the art being free. It's hard to know if there's a net gain. At the same time travel has gotten more expensive, and the border a paranoid free-fire zone. Cons are a memory. The final insult, a Canadian dollar is over par with the buck. If I take $100 US to the bank, it appears as a two figure entry in my bankbook now. Maybe I should just get a real job, like I had when I was 25. On the other hand, if I hold out another decade, I can 'retire' on welfare, and enjoy the first real prosperity I've ever known, and finally draw what I want!

Ambition is a cruel master.

Current Residence: Toronto
Favourite genre of music: Anything but rap, gospel, or country.
Operating System: Window XP Pro
Personal Quote: "Great men are rarely good men" -- Lord Acton
I just tried to upload some new art, only to discover that there seems no way to organize it as I want it.  Instead, new posts go to a "new" folder, or to "all", but I can no longer organize them into theme folders or a featured folder.  I've searced until I've poked and pressed everything twice, but I cut can't seem to find to add stuff.  Deviant Art hasn't worked quite right for at least a year, and I'm more than a little cheesed off about it.
  • Listening to: Televison likely, Tom Waits, Yes, or Blondie.
  • Reading: "Julian Comstock", Robert Charles Wilson
  • Watching: ...the little words moving across the screen
  • Playing: With little toy cars (1l18 scale).
  • Eating: Yes, but trying to watch my weight.
  • Drinking: Are you paying the tab? I'll have a Dramboui


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uncle-bilbo Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
If you don't already know…
TaralWayne Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Professional General Artist
I hadn't heard.  That's two down ... and the funny thing is that I'd been thinking of "Doc" lately, in connection with how something like this would affect his Fraggle friends.
uncle-bilbo Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
I somehow had the idea that he wasn’t that old, that he had always just looked much older than he was (the opposite of me) and had always played older characters. But I might have been thinking of someone else - I guess he was already moving into his 60's when he was in Fraggle Rock. I’m starting to outlive all my childhood icons! But I would like to see what your Fraggles have to say.
TaralWayne Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Professional General Artist
Doc tended to play characters who were older than in fact he was.  So when he was about 60 (my age) he was playing characters who seemed in their 70s.  Most actors try to do it the other way around -- like the 60-year-old Lucille Ball passing herself off as a desirable widow still in her 30s.
Srednivashtar Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
I absolutely love your Fraggle art!
TaralWayne Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Professional General Artist
More to come.
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your illustrations are wonderful ! 
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