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Candle That Burns Brightest by TaraLJC Candle That Burns Brightest by TaraLJC
I decided I should probably add these here, even tho they're over a year old, since I didn't have this account when I first made them.

They're mock-ups of book covers based on Henry Steadman's designs for the Doctor Who range from BBC Books. Most of them are covers for existing short stories written by fans (myself included).
Malcassairo Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
That looks so awesome! ^_^
Do you mind me asking how you did this?
TaraLJC Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
Well, essentially it's a collage. I think with this one, there were probably about 4 basic images. One was of the tower block and street with the TARDIS which I think was a screengrab from "The Parting of the Ways", one of the BAD WOLF graphitti to put on the wall, one of Rose with the key, and the background texture. I zoomed in as far as I could and erased the background behind Rose. Then I changed her hoodie from pink to blue, added the glow around the key, and then it's really just a matter of messing about with layers and adding texture and adjusting colours. Sorry--I made them so long ago I had to go back to the layered Photoshop file to see how many elements there actually were...

Hope this helps! There's actually a whole thread in the fan art forum at where folks post mocked-up book covers. You might want to join, and get tips and tricks from other forum members.
Malcassairo Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
Thanks, that was indeed very helpful! ^_^
I'm already a member of Gallifrey, I haven't actually done much looking around at that particular board there, I'll go chech it out now.
Thanks again.
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