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EoSD Sakuya

I recently rekindled my undying love for Touhou Project and decided to draw my favorite character: Sakuya Izayoi!
I drew her in a style mimicking ZUN's art. It was a bit fun trying to copy his coloring style for Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil, the sixth game in the series. 
This is not my first time mimicking his style. Here are some other ones I've done:
Zun-ish Remilia 2 by Taralen :Commission: Kumori Kakkazan by Taralen
There's something about his art style that amuses me. XD It's honestly really cute even if most of the time you can tell he was drunk as hell drawing. 

Ref used:…
Clock stock: Clock Stock

Tools: Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet + Paint Tool SAI + Photoshop CC 2014

Touhou Project is created by ZUN/Team Shanghai Alice. All rights reserved. 

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© 2015 - 2021 Taralen
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Oh my goodness, this is so stellar! You've done really well capturing ZUN style and have done an impressive job on the expansion finite details; the pose, the outfit, the anatomy. Really everything flows together super well!

I've seen many mock-up fan drawing of ZUN's style, but I have to say to you that this is my most favorite rendition of that style yet, what a fantastic job!
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Aw thanks so much! I'm honored to receive such a compliment! ^_^
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Been watching your dA for a looooong while now .. always nice to see your art :3
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Oh my god. You are amazing at emulating ZUN's style, until I saw your name I was like "oh someone must have written a story and used Sakuya art... that... I've never seen before? Huh."

Well done! I love it~
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Thank you! :D I'm glad I've done a convincing job haha. Of course I try to make the anatomy look better than how he does it, but overall his style is not too difficult to replicate since it's so simple. 
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again I just say, you managed to put more effort into his character than he does for his own.

... then again giving the fandom you can say that for a lot of people xD
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HAHA well I don't think ZUN cares much about getting better at art. :D
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