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Guild wars 2 - Sylvari

By Tarakanovich
more GW fanart

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Freaking awesome :)

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Hey there.. Got Wood? 
wow!!!Sylvari  nice work :D
Gorgeous and powerfully sexy artwork
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She's pretty great looking :dummy:
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she's so cute!!!! great job! <3
S31SH0's avatar
there is not nearly enough sexy sylvari fanart - thx for this piece
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Amazingly sexy!!
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well done. If only sylvari in the game had such a magnificent shape. They're all oddly flat.
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That's because sylvari don't have reproductive organs (cause they don't reproduce), the female has "female" form for the sake of "oh that's a female Sylvari" 
Jeufufns's avatar
Yeah they don't. This whole image is already re-imagining it through the addition of genitalia. But I would have guessed that the same force separating them by genders would have helped, but I guess the absence of puberty is the main cause.
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Sylvari can actually have sex, Arena Net said so reimagining? more or less

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Why you signed it as The Sketcher, where's our Тараканович?:)
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Looks like an awesome hourglass :blush:
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