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Learn How To Love

By tarajenkins
I was just trying to practice doodling Steven randomly, and it turned into this huge sketchy mess of random comic scenes in which Malachite is unfused and everyone gets their shot at redemption all at once.

I really have to stop that.

The original post is here!… If you'd like to repost it elsewhere, please reblog it from there! It's much appreciated. :)
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madwriter's avatar
This is perfection. XD
knockoutandsonic's avatar
Oh dear, what just happened?
make another one of this
KATYPERRYstar's avatar
I love stevens last line xd 
Ghostpaint1's avatar
Oh my gosh, this is beautiful. Ok, I have an odd request. I'm writing a Steven Universe fanfic, and the second chapter ends with Steven and Lapis having a heart to heart not unlike this one. I love yours so much, could you maybe read it and tell me what you think? And if you like it, how would you feel about drawing it?

Second chapter:…

You don't need to read the full thing if you'd rather not, just the ending bit, but you're more than welcome to. And a link to the first chapter is in the description if it REALLY grabs you, aha.
Dragonwolf505's avatar
The fanfic is really good!
Ghostpaint1's avatar
Thank you so much!
Dragonwolf505's avatar
RoseAnDarkholm's avatar
I love how confused Jasper is...this needs to be a canon thing
Hollowpages's avatar
I hope this ends up happening. o.o 
danail24's avatar
This is really good! I wonder if you'll continue this. Just another page where Steven talks Jasper down.
NiteOwl18's avatar
Love the work :)
AnastaziaTheAwesome's avatar
/Everyone/ will learn how to love Steven
Sharpman01's avatar
I swear he's the US version of Monkey D. Luffy...EVERYONE he meets ends up his friend...okay ALMOST but they be few and FAR between.
AnastaziaTheAwesome's avatar
Sharpman01's avatar the comparison works.
AnastaziaTheAwesome's avatar
Well I thought did...maybe I should go stare at a wall for a while and re-think everything.
Sharpman01's avatar
Have fun, Wendy. Hehehe. Yeah I saw that episode.
AnastaziaTheAwesome's avatar
Shoot, my cover's been blown! XD
Sharpman01's avatar
I was gonna say either her or Rob Walker from the Nostalgia Critic.
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sonicfighter's avatar
This really need to happen.
Camioldshieldo3o's avatar
and make this into a comic series...plz
Cudegra777's avatar
this is sooooooooo gonna happen
OkamiRyuu1993's avatar
I reeeeeeeeaaaaaaally hope so!:D
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