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Do Not Pass Go

We're back in business! :)

Art by me, colors by :iconpeachiekeenie: !
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© 2014 - 2021 tarajenkins
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Why is it called baby jail?
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That's funny.  :XD:

You're artwork turned out great!
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Discord's like "Meh, I went through 1000 years of been sealed in stone. This is the Ritz." XD
CleverMessenger's avatar
Discord being a troll in jail, of course. :iconmlpdiscordplz:
UnluckyxSe7en's avatar
pff, Discord seems to be the only one who likes chillin' in the BABY jail. xD
Wirlog's avatar
If I say "you can only pick two", everyone would leave Tirek... right?
Mellowpurr's avatar
call it Pinkie Pie, it would be a giant welcome-back-party!
LOL. Took me a while to realize Discord had Chrysalis crown-thingy.
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Should have made the bottom third of Discord's glass empty.
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
And so I follow another artist on Tumblr,its a good thing.-:iconsmilesplz:
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Oh, this do is a pleasant surprise! Like when you find money in the pocket of some old jeans.
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WishyTheStar's avatar
I really like the line art! ^^
Benthehyena's avatar
Poor Tirek and Chryssie XDDDD
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:iconmlpdiscordplz:: hail to the king biatch.
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Have I died and gone to pony heaven?  You're back!  I was wondering what happened to you and your art.

Oh yes, welcome back.
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Thanks! :) Good to be back.

We've been ironing out the reboot a while; I just thought it would be less confusing if I temporarily put all the classic stuff in storage, since Discorderly is in fresh start mode! I'll probably put them all public again in an "Archive" folder in the future.
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Glad to see that you're back! I've loved your renditions of Discord and Chrysalis. :D And now you've added Tirek to your little lineup--and it looks like you've gone for  a mix of his depowered state and his final form. It's an interesting look for him.

Personally, I love Discord's look in this pic. Clearly, he's having fun playing the good guy for once (I assume that he caught Tirek and Chrysalis and is keeping them secure until the Princesses can seal them away). He looks so satisfied and smug. XD
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Hah :XD: This is just too funny XD Chrysalis looks especially hilarious, in this pic.
The-S-H-A-D-O-W's avatar
god i've missed your artworks.
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All my friggin' YES!!! Party Hard! 
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