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January 31, 2021
Tasha Yar by Tara Cosplay by TaraCosplay
Featured by pullingcandy
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Tasha Yar by Tara Cosplay


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Character  Tasha YarLocation  Star Trek TNG



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I used your body for the actress here and credited you

A-Gray-Phantom's avatar

An underappreciated character, and an excellent cosplay!

DonVorhees's avatar

She is a great artist model @ every intrest I like about the feminine formcoupled with theme.

jamest1945's avatar

It is easy to see how you did this wonderful are gorgeous.

I guess it is sexy as hell

I guess I'll catch on I hope I do anyway

This makes me miss ST:TNG even more. Great job on the costume and look, bravo!

She might actually have a chance of surviving that puddle of goo by dealing with it the Kirk way...

PakPolaris's avatar

I know who to take on an extended away mission ;P

HaraSurya's avatar

There was an official Star Trek: TNG novel from the late-1980s where Tasha and Data go on an extended away mission post "Naked Now."

Awkward is the best way to describe how it went.

Is that a sheet rock knife?

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Nice to see some ST: TNG love going on out there. That block of series [TNG/DS9/VOY] and movies were the best of the franchise. The others apart from TOS have diminished from the concept of the original series.

deadgreatdude's avatar

This is look really great

JEart94's avatar

That looks really good!

sailorcancer01's avatar

cool costume for cosplay.

MajorO's avatar

nicely done, good job.

JZLobo's avatar

And she's riding an escalator to heaven

Tinselfire's avatar

Say, was there any particular reason for selecting this uniform version?

HaraSurya's avatar

Maybe it was purchased retail and that's the style they sell.

Tinselfire's avatar

Perfectly valid reason.

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