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Fallen Flowers: Chapter 3 - Page 50

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Since this page took longer to get out I made sure to make it a little longer for you guys. :>


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SansusDreemurrStudent Artist

cough cough, can we talk about the japanese long neck lady legend/rumor and that long neck monster in the comic(not that it's a bad thing i just thought it was cool)

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XSuicuneXHobbyist Writer

I love the design of this area.

exorcist609's avatar

i love your shrine pannel the lighting is really haunting <3 worth the wait <3

I1Said1No's avatar

I found your comic last night and I just wanna say that this is absolutely amazing. The story, character designs, and color palette always leaves me breathless! Keep up the great work!

kaliu6's avatar

Have I mentioned this comic has my favourite aesthetic of all the UT AUs??

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GoldenMaiden98Hobbyist Writer

Ooo muffet looks so pretty!!!

mewtwolegend's avatar

Why muffet is praying?

Also, she looks like a japanese woman

exorcist609's avatar

Muffet was a guardian of one of the other human children. Which she has a shrine for.

And I absolutely love this version of her~ she is beautiful XD

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FreeFallingUp13Hobbyist General Artist

It's an altar/shrine (Not sure of the specific term). When a family member dies, in Japanese culture, it's customary that an altar/shrine is set up in their honor with a picture of them and candles.

There's been a few indications on past pages on who the shrine is for.

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So I wonder what W.G would look like in this drawing style
Zorbonaut's avatar

Oh man, I hope we meet him.

tymki's avatar

Oh gosh is Muffet in front of a picture of the perseverance soul? D':

54viruses's avatar
54virusesHobbyist Writer

Thanks for the extra length! It would have been less eventful without.

Again and always, I'm loving your designs. That cattail bowl looked appetizing and everything is beautiful despite the darkness.

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