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Anime Head Angle and Expressions Practice. by Taqresu650 Anime Head Angle and Expressions Practice. :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 1 0 An Old Original Character Returns by Taqresu650 An Old Original Character Returns :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 4 3 Qui Gon Jinn (Restored) by Taqresu650 Qui Gon Jinn (Restored) :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 2 0 Brand New Profile Picture by Taqresu650 Brand New Profile Picture :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 1 0
The True MCU Timeline (Updated)
I will start with disclaimers:
This WILL include spoilers for all the other MCU movies (including Ant man and the Wasp), but not the shows (except Agents of SHIELD), I haven't watched them all, so I will not include most of the shows or 1-shots to this post.
This is a topic I've been thinking over for a while. Since the release of Spiderman Homecoming, the internet has blown up with, "Spiderman Homecoming breaks the MCU Timeline!" "Will Infinity War fix the MCU Timeline?" "Since The Avengers took place in 2012, does that mean Spiderman Homecoming takes place in 2020?"
Since watching Avengers Infinity War, Ant Man and the Wasp, and Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD, I have concluded that the 8 years Time Card is inaccurate, I've had to update this entire timeline accordingly. However a possible new problem has occurred.
Let's begin with Phase 1. This is filled with many wrong assumptions; the primary being that the movies take place mostly between 2010 and 2012. But honestly, Phase 1 ends in
:icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 1 0
Dynamic Female Pose Practice by Taqresu650 Dynamic Female Pose Practice :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 1 0 Male Dynamic Pose Practice by Taqresu650 Male Dynamic Pose Practice :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 1 0 Undertale Skelebros Fan Art by Taqresu650 Undertale Skelebros Fan Art :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 17 42 Spyro The Dragon Fan Art #2 by Taqresu650 Spyro The Dragon Fan Art #2 :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 8 6 Spyro the Dragon Concept Sketch Fan Art by Taqresu650 Spyro the Dragon Concept Sketch Fan Art :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 10 13
My Diagnosis
There is something immensely important I need to talk about. It's very personal, but I really want to get it off my chest. I have Asperger's Syndrome.
For those of you who aren't aware, Asperger's a "high functioning" form of Autism. I'm still as intelligent as most people, but there are some areas I struggle in. I have very poor social skills, I may miss obvious communication cues, I may repeat what I say over and over, I may sound monotone and seemingly act without emotion, I even have trouble making eye contact. I may also have an obsessive attachment to certain subjects, even unusual subjects. I'm clumsy, and have trouble with specific motor skills. I'll have one-sided conversations and only talk about subjects I enjoy.
In school I have a hard time focusing on particular subjects. In fact, it's greatly afflicting me in college, where I have difficulty taking time off something I may obsess over and focus instead on homework. I managed in high school, but College is a whole other ba
:icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 0 47
Toa Tahu Nuva vs Tahnok Kal WIP 2 by Taqresu650 Toa Tahu Nuva vs Tahnok Kal WIP 2 :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 20 3 Tigiratel WIP by Taqresu650 Tigiratel WIP :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 5 13 Commence Nostalgia Overload by Taqresu650 Commence Nostalgia Overload :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 4 2 2016 Chiroptera Jack-o-Lantern by Taqresu650 2016 Chiroptera Jack-o-Lantern :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 5 5 Anthro Bat (Microchiroptera) Anatomy by Taqresu650 Anthro Bat (Microchiroptera) Anatomy :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 4 5


PMC STOCK III by PhelanDavion PMC STOCK III :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 41 1 Broken Hau concept by vahki6 Broken Hau concept :iconvahki6:vahki6 36 18 Static Shock by StephOBrien Static Shock :iconstephobrien:StephOBrien 29 14 Crucified with Christ by ChristLover526 Crucified with Christ :iconchristlover526:ChristLover526 12 0 He is my Savior by oooangelicartooo He is my Savior :iconoooangelicartooo:oooangelicartooo 58 64 Gdansk kosciol Sw Katarzyny by GreeGW Gdansk kosciol Sw Katarzyny :icongreegw:GreeGW 267 35 Psalm 83(84):10 by Parastos Psalm 83(84):10 :iconparastos:Parastos 9 1 Dying God by kiniu8102 Dying God :iconkiniu8102:kiniu8102 26 3 Don't Get Caught Up in Sin by Gods-Creation Don't Get Caught Up in Sin :icongods-creation:Gods-Creation 3 2 Power over fear by ChristLover526 Power over fear :iconchristlover526:ChristLover526 15 2 2019 Calendar Art by PrisonerOnEarth 2019 Calendar Art :iconprisoneronearth:PrisonerOnEarth 37 17
The Holy Spirit's like the wind
He blows wherever He may please
Those who seek Christ Jesus
shall find their souls at ease
for they are in the shelter of God's holy peace
He makes His presence known to all
from thick green shrub to trees enormous and tall
He blesses the sprouts and seeds on earth sown
Yea, to those who seek Him, He makes His presence known
His grace and mercy house and dwells
where hands outreach to Him Who helps
when He touches the hands who seek
He strengthens he whose spirit weak
Yea, He lifts up the humble
and brings down the proud
He restores man's faith in their human doubt
He shows His face to His holy ones
and shrouds Himself from those who find worship in material things
As He touches the grounds below
He makes them holy
as He moves along
if you would press
your ears upon the ground
you can hear the sentient beings
of spring sing praise
to God Yahweh Sabaoth
The Holy Spirit
is God's loving and healing touch
where He touches
yea,He sanctifies
The earth below is
:iconthemissionary1:TheMissionary1 6 2
3D work : MNOLG II Charms by vahki6 3D work : MNOLG II Charms :iconvahki6:vahki6 17 3 Delta Operative STOCK XVI by PhelanDavion Delta Operative STOCK XVI :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 65 2 Antman and the Wasp sketchcover by whu-wei Antman and the Wasp sketchcover :iconwhu-wei:whu-wei 36 4 Aren't they official ? #48 Dark Hunter Seeker by vahki6 Aren't they official ? #48 Dark Hunter Seeker :iconvahki6:vahki6 13 6



I'd like to take a moment to give thanks to all the people who've added my works to their favorites and groups, all the people who became watchers of mine, and all the people who've given me llama and other badges. I know I've barely been active lately, and because of that I've have notifications that are months old involving your contribution. Please know that you're not unappreciated. These things really mean a lot.
I am almost ready to start submitting pages to my Manga. I've set up a good system for making the pages for my Manga. The story itself is not finished, but I have 6-8 pages drawn, I just need to clean them up and color them before I submit the final project.
Again, my DeviantArt log-ins are scarce. I am trying to take shorter breaks between log-ins, but nothing is guaranteed. I will be posting new things soon. I'm working on a Manga. I will provide commentary on some of my religious views (of which you don't have to share, and you're allowed to disagree), and I may continue editing my past work and finish my WIPs. I haven't set a schedule because college is taking my priority. Eventually I will comb through my +12,000 watch list, but I'm still reluctant to do so. If I missed any of your masterpieces by mistake, I'm sorry in advance.
So I've taken a long Hiatus again, and during the summer like the last one. I'm sorry for taking so long again this time. I am back however, and I plan to post a lot more, perhaps even part of my manga, which is still in progress. I've also sketched quite a few things over the summer I would like to share. I may not log on daily, but I will still log on often.

Again, I'm sorry for this long break, there will be a lot of late replies.
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Kenneth Cook III
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am a College student with Aspergers Syndrome. I mostly specialize in traditional art, though I'm taking a different professional route in College.
Art is really more of a hobby for me. I am also an avid reader and gamer. Of the latter, I've made a YouTube channel (though I'm not terribly active in it):…

I am proud to be a Baptist Christian, and I strongly believe in mutual love and respect. Whatever opinions you may hold of me, or my religion, I will respect as your opinions. I will always see you as a fellow human being, and I will always grant you that proper respect.

I will be the first to admit I have many, many flaws, but I will strive to keep an optimistic outlook on life and the people around me.

Welcome to my Profile. :)

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