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The one thing that would help out tremendously would be a scanner. Just taking pictures of my art does not reveal the whole thing. Sometimes (if I used pencil for the art) the light will reflect and ruin the picture. I need a scanner, its effective and will solve my problem. If only I had a scanner, my art posted on here will be perfect. Unfortunately, I can't find any that I can use.
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First it starts with dreams showing doom, and now I have things trying to kill me in my dreams. The first dream takes place in a plane. The plane is flying normally over the ocean. Suddenly with a sudden stop, the plane gets snatched up by a giant mechanical beatle. The beatle plants this device (I think it's a bomb) inside the plane. Everyone panics, but I come up with a plan. I search the plane for a pistol. Once I find one I tell everyone to run back while I shoot the bomb (I don't know how I came up with the plan, but I did). Shooting the bomb makes it blow up, and blows the plane in two sections. The good thing though, is that the bomb completely destroys the mechanical beatle. Somehow I survive the explosion, but now the two halves of the plane are falling towards the ocean. I feel every bit of the impact, but somehow I did not die. I even remember being able to breath and move underwater. The worst part was seeing the dead bodies float around. I remember going blacking out and then being in an auditorium (still in the dream). I was dressed really nicely and then a speaker comes up. He talks about the plane crash and how I was one of the five survivors. I wake up soon afterwards. Then in a later dream, I was in a tall building and I see a plane crash into the building I was in. That dream goes on, and becomes a lucid dream. I kind of messed around after that. Then last night I have another near-death experience in my dream. I was living out in the forest, and in a small villiage. My two friends and I (I have never met these people in real life) were all just hanging out in the forest. When we return, we had to cross a river. One friend made it easily, but when I was about to climb up the opposite bank, I got dragged back into the river. I tried fighting my attacker, but the current went faster and faster. I nearly drowned a few times, and this went on for I don't know how long. The attacker kept me in the river trying to kill me, even if it meant killing himself in the proccess. We went miles down the river before we could stop. We both managed to grab onto a bank, but my attacker got up first. He then caused a boulder to come rolling my way. It got wedged into the river, but I was not crushed. I used the boulder as a leverage to see my attacker, it was my other friend. He was running off, thinking that I perished. Then when he looked back a glared back at him. He got the message that I was still alive, but he still ran off. Then he got picked up by a flying vehical (a hot air balloon I think and a primitive one). The balloon kept searching for me, but I was too exhausted to do anything. That was the end of my nightmare, left to die in the wild.
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Lately, my dreams seem to have a common theme: The end of life as we know it. The first of these dreams was of a Meteor shower of a massive scale. I saw the explosions and destruction. I even got to feel shockwaves from nearby impacts. Plus I saw this while being at my own house. The next dream was similar. I saw the moon a lot closer than it should be and it was colliding with another planet or moon. I remember seeing a hawk (or eagle) I named Herkarra. I saved her life and in return, she gave me fish every day (not bad considering we now have to survive against derbis falling from the moon collision. Then just last night, I had the most interesting of the three apocalyptic dreams. This time I was in an unfamiliar place. Then I was told, "The Revelation of 7 years will start tomorrow." I also remember seeing a train for those who are about to die, and people evacuating in panic. I also recall getting wings like an angel's. I don't know if these dreams have anything to do with real life, but I find it strange having so many dreams about similar things within a time of 3 weeks.
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My head is like traffic in New York. So many ideas are buzzing through my head. It distracts me from my school work, it's so crazy. Sometimes I just want funnel my ideas and slow it down. None of my ideas are bad, it's just way too much. I feel like my head is about to burst. I have many stories and ideas. Also, I can continue so many of them, but I don't want to make a part every week, for every story. Does anyone have any ideas for organizing my thoughts?
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I had just watched the Hobbit, and in 3D. I am a BIG fan of the books and the other movie. This movie did not dissapoint. I enjoyed it very much, and the adaptions didn't ruin the plot. In a way, making three movies instead of one, may actually be good with Peter at hand. Like the other 3 movies the whole thing was filmed at the same time, so part 2 may be coming only a year away. I had a fun time, and I think the movie is worth the pay.
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Her is another set of Lyrics from Tolkiens work;

Chip the glasses and crack the plates!
Blunt the knives and bend the forks!
That's what Bilbo Baggins hates--
Smash the bottles and burn the corks!

Cut the cloth and tread on the fat!
Pour the milk on the pantry floor!
Leave the bones on the bedroom mat!
Slash the wine on every door!

Dump the crocks in a boiling bowl;
Pound them up with a thumping pole;
And when you've finished, if any are whole,
Send them down the hall to role!

That's what Bilbo Baggins hates!
So, carefully! carefully with the plates!

I wonder if they'll include this song in the Hobbit movie.
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I was thinking of making Entries Each night with poems, songs and riddles from the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. All of them will be from the books as I read them. I'll start with this:

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

I think it's a good one to start with. After all, It is the root of these specific books.
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Right now I don't think I can deal with authority. Last night I had a dream where I was a boot camp. First of all, I respect the military, but that is not my career choice. Second, I am not one of those fitness guys, and don't do well under pressure. Finaly, I am a heavy sleeper, boot camp would be more of a torture for me. I got yelled at, and a lot of work I had to do in my dream. I'm sure that on a long run, it could help, but military is not the thing for me. I think we have all seen movies, or experienced something along the line of strict authority. Again, I'm not against the military, and I'm not trying to offend anyone who's in the military. I would be as apart as Steve Rodgers before he was Captain America. I don't have as many health problems, but I am definitally not one of those other guys. I don't do well with tight scheduals, or strict instructors. It was NOT a fun dream, to say the least.
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Right now I don't think I can deal with authority. Last night I had a dream where I was a boot camp. First of all, I respect the military, but that is not my career choice. Second, I am not one of those fitness guys, and don't do well under pressure. Finaly, I am a heavy sleeper, boot camp would be more of a torture for me. I got yelled at, and a lot of work I had to do in my dream. I'm sure that on a long run, it could help, but military is not the thing for me. I think we have all seen movies, or experienced something along the line of strict authority. Again, I'm not against the military, and I'm not trying to offend anyone who's in the military. I would be as apart as Steve Rodgers before he was Captain America. I don't have as many health problems, but I am definitally not one of those other guys. I don't do well with tight scheduals, or strict instructors. It was NOT a fun dream, to say the least.
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In the dream I had last night, there was a woman, and she was half bird. Her appearance is hard to describe. There was something about her, that could not be put into words. was a huntress, and protector of her realm. She lives in an uncharted forest, free from man. She would dart through the night, searching for prey. With her were other female companions, each part bird. All sworn to virginity, and given the longevity of their secret forest. When the forest dies, they die. I did not fall in love with her, but I did admire the freedom she had. Only Two rules apply to her, protect the forest, and never trust men. Never alone, never lost. I know little about her, but she is an interesting character.
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To all who don't know Thanksgiving didn't originate in America. In fact, it is really quite old. Back when all the food people relied on was there crops, and harvesting was a big deal. When the Harvest was over with and people found that they could last through the winter, they celebrated their good fortune and harvest with a hugh feast. They were thankful for it and it soon became a holiday. Then when the pilgrims landed around this time, they soon made it into an annual celebration for gratitude and thanks. Now we should celebrate it by being content and thankful for all we have, even the things we take for granted. Even someone who lost everything, can be thankful for something, like his own life and hope. Thanksgiving is coming soon, and we should all consider our lives, and what we should be thankful for.
In the middle of October, I walk to K-mart. It was an errand to help my mom with groceries. As I enter the store, My eye catches something. There, near the toys, Is an area full of artificial Christmas trees. I couldn't believe it. It was the middle of October, and K-mart has Christmas trees. I do love Christmas a lot, but being before Halloween and thanksgiving, I thought it was way too early. Not only that, but the other stores are doing the same thing. Flipping through the channels I can find Christmas comercials, special offers, and Christmas movies. I go to the birthday party of my brother's girlfriend last Friday, and her dad has already setted up Christmas lights. Even now as I type this, a Christmas movie is playing. Like I said, I love Christmas, but some people prepare for Christmas two months early, and two months too soon in my opinion.
This is my second contest. This time, I want to find a new character for a different story that I just started here. "Artessok: New World" is the title. Artessok is a land full of fantasy elements such as magic, dragons, and castles. My main character ends up in this land, and I want him to have a travelling companion. I might introduce this character in the next part of my story. So read part 1 of my story and post a comment on your character idea. Please make this character appropriate, and note that there might not be much competition.
I am having trouble coming up with a character for my story, and I want some help. This is a contest for those who want to help, I don't have a prize or a due date yet, other than credit in my story. All you need to do is submit a comment describing your idea.
The story is a sci-fi adventure with mystery. My main Character is a boy named Alex with extraordinary powers. He is roughly 14 years old and has a friendly personality. I want a human character (there are several species in my story).
I want the new character to be at least a temporary companion to my main character. I want him/her to be at least 11 years old. You get to design this character, and I'll judge. It could be a love interest, or a best friend. You could make this character stubborn, or easy to get along with.
Even a mentor would do. I don't have much limits for the design. Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender was originally supposed to be a 16 year old guy. So do whatever you like with this character, just as long as it's appropriate.
This is a story I am making on my journal entries. My characters are completely fictional and any similarities in the names are completely coincidental.
When is the minute hand going to make it to the six? I'm so bored I might fall asleep. Why does my 4th period class have to be History, It's right before lunch. Tick tock, tick tock, it's almost like time has slowed down to a quarter of it's normal speed. "There will be an Exam tomorrow, so study your notes." anounced the teacher. Then the bell rang, thankfully. Obviously, I wasn't the only one who thought so, because the room was empty in a flash.
My name is Tyler Wing by the way. I'm sure almost any teenager can relate with me when it comes to History classes. This is my Junior Year, and my 17th birthday is coming up February 24th. Which is just in a few days. I'm not completely excited about it, but I'm still looking forward to it.
After I had the usual lunch of the day, I decided to hang out with my friends, Rick and Billy. They're fun to be around with. Billy has dark, brown hair, and is into video games. Rick is blonde and reads a lot. I have other friends, but these two are the ones I hang out with the most.
"Hey Tyler," said Billy, "I just bought the Anniversary edition of the first Halo game." We were walking down one of the halls, 5th period doesn't start for another 15 minutes. That's cool, Billy," I said, What's it like?" Billy explained about the new features, like graphic change, and the extra co-op options.
Rick was silent throughout the whole thing, which wasn't surprising. And I commented on Billy's description. Eventually, 5th period started and school went on. After school, I took out the garbage and my mom forced me to study for the History Exam. After that, I was able to play on the new Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition, since I couldn't get it for the computer. From there, my day progressed normally.
The next day was pretty much normal except the Exam, which I haven't got a grade on yet. I am sure that it wasn't A+ material. Plus my birthday was only two days away. I'm glad that it's on a Saturday, a good way to end the week. Thursday and Friday both passed by at a snail's pace. Now it is roughly 9:00 pm, and I can't get any sleep.
Next thing I know, I'm in a dark room. Where am I, this is obviously not my room. Then a strange voice spoke from ahead of me. "Tyler, come," said the voice, "come, to embrace your future." What else can I do right now.
As I ran forward, the room got lighter in a surreal way. I must be dreaming. "Stop Tyler, and look behind you," said the voice. When I did, I saw that the room actually belonged in a temple or some other ancient, rich place. In the middle, I saw this enormous, orange-red egg. The colors danced with torchlight around it. It was as if the egg was on fire, except that the flames seemed to be inside the egg.
"Touch the egg Tyler," said the voice, "It holds the reigns of your destiny, and only you can touch it." This is a dream, what could go wrong? I asked myself. So I went over, and the egg. It felt really warm and it looked more beautiful up close. Then, the Egg became really bright, and I had to back off. Before I covered my eye's I noticed the torches being extinguished.
I heard a crack, then another one. I also felt a lot of heat radiating from the egg. Then I realized that I no longer needed to close my eyes. I opened them and saw the egg was hatching, and that fire was pouring out of the cracks and flooding the room. The strange thing was that I couldn't feel the fire. The egg was still bright, but not enough to harm my eyes.
Crack, crack, crack, whatever was inside the egg was still coming out. Is it a dragon? I wondered. Wait, the egg looks more bird-like, than reptilian. "Embrace your destiny," said the voice. Then the egg hatched in a final blast of light, that blinded me momentarily. When my eyes adjusted, I saw a baby Pheonix. It was almost as tall as myself. It was as curious in me, as I was of it.
Cautiously, I stuck my hand out towards it. Then the pheonix touched my hand with its head in return. "What is your name?" asked the Pheonix. When she spoke (her voice sounded like a girl's), I pretty much jumped right out of my skin, I was so surprised. "M-my name is... T-Tyler," I responded scared, "Tyler Wing."
"Well don't be afraid Tyler," said the Pheonix, "You have been chosen to take care of me." There was something about her voice that made me think I could trust her. Then, I was able to calm down. "Close your eyes, and relax," said the Pheonix. "I will protect you."
Then I woke up. "Something feels warm," I muttered as I was opening my eyes. I yelled in fear, as I saw fire all around me. Suddenly, the fire lifted away, and I saw the Pheonix's head. Then I realized that the fire was part of the wing, and the Pheonix was keeping me safe.
"Are you ok, Tyler?" she asked. "Yeah, I'm safe," I replied. as I said this, I realized, I'm not in my room.

Ebonno asked Porvak, "What happened, I missed going to your library and reading." Porvak lead the boy outside as he explained, "First of all, I was only there to watch over you, not to start a library. I did enjoy it though. Second, I was forced to put up my library for lack of business. Third, I never really left the area, I've been watching you from outside of town."
When they exited the house, Porvak said, "Now let us start your training." Confused Ebonno asked, "For what? It described it in the letter, but it didn't say if it was for fighting or something else." Shocked, Porvak asked, "Didn't you father tell you? You are the last known descendent of the Dragon Marked."
Ebonno was surprised by this news, he thought the Dragon Marked were just fiction. They are warriors with the ability to transform themselves into dragons. Even as humans, they were able to unleash powers of dragons. When someone destined to be a one of the Dragon Marked turns 16, a Green mark shaped like a dragon's head, appears on their left shoulder.
Ebonno's 16th birthday was two days away. "So the Dragon Marked are real?" asked Ebonno, "My dad only said that the Empire was after me, he didn't say why." Porvak only said, "All those legends you read about describe you families history, The burden of keeping peace skipped your father. Now let's see that mark."
When Porvak lifted up the sleeve, he asked why wasn't it there? "I'm not 16 yet, I will be in two days though." Porvak laughed at his own mistake. Porvak went inside saying, "Then we will have to wait. If you want to entertain yourself, you're free to read some books. Lunch will be ready soon."
Excited Ebonno ran into the basement. I've always dreamt of being a member of the Dragon Marked he thought, I wonder which of the famous Dragon Marked leaders am I related to. He found a Book he has never seen before. It was called, The Fall of the Dragon Marked. Interested, Ebonno carried the book back upstairs to read.
Ebonno openned the book and read to himself. "The Era of peace is long gone. The Emperor declared it illegal for us to live and declared war on us. He wants us out of the way, so that he and his descendents can reign as tyrants forever. We fell into his trap, one by one. I, Trika am the last. Pregnant, I lie writing this tale for any future descendents of mine.
If you are one of my descendents and destined to be one of the Dragon Marked, beware. The road ahead of you is tough, and you must defeat the current evil I have just described to you. You must learn about how this evil came about. It started with a man named Tarkus. He wanted revenge at first.
Revenge for Homeland destroyed, and his loved one's death. One of the natural born dragons, Zred Ikaull, Terrorized village after village for the loot he desired. Zred wasn't like the other dragons, he was smarter than most. When we tried to save Tarkus' village, we were too late, Zred had already completed his work.
Tarkus lost his wife and children. Tarkus, at the time, was a powerful wizard. He blamed us for the attack and, using magic illegal for wizards, he killed many of us. We tried to help him recover from his losses, but mad with rage, ignored us and kept slaughtering us.
Soon afterward, we were able to imprison him. The years of prison gave him time to devise a plan to kill us all. He found a way to get many people to admire him after he was let free. Tarkus was soon chosen to be king. He developed a lust for power and became a tyrant and Emperor. His plan was nearly complete.
The next thing he tried to do was eliminate any dragons, marked or otherwise. He hunted us down, and we were able to make a second truce with the natural dragons. Many battles took place all across the land.
What we didn't know, was that he had an advantage. His brother, the only other surviver of the raid, was one of the Dragon Marked. He is named Jokkren, on of the best Dragon Marked warriors in history. Jokkren took his brother's side and betrayed us with a few others loyal to him. Soon, more of the Dragon Marked betrayed our cause.
Tarkus and his Dragon Marked army, has nearly won the war. I am the last. Unfortunately, due to my heritage, the next descendent of mine capable of becoming a Dragon Marked, will be one of my great-grandchildren.
If you are that descendent reading my journal, I'm warning you about the Evil facing the world, I don't have enough time to explain futher, You have the fate of the whole world in your hands." There was nothing else written. Ebonno just sat there, trying to process everything that he just read.
Porvak came with some fruit and some deer meat. Then he saw the book in Ebonno's hands. "so you found the boo?" asked Porvak, "Trika handed it to my father before she died from childbirth. At the time my father was very young, but wizards like myself and my father, have a longer longevity than most. I'll take care of you."
I am making a story through my deviations called "The Legacy of Taqresu and Xxtvee." It will have several made-up words, most are hard to pronounce. That is why I'm made this before my deviation story.

Taqresu: tak-re-su, tak like back, re like red, su like sue or do
Xxtvee: tx-ta-va, ex like xbox or excited, ta like santa, va like stay
Telphroih: tel-froy, tel like tell, froy like troy or boy
Phelisojf: fel-i-sof, fel like fell, i like hit or sit, sof like coffee
Sraq: srak like rack
Vu-: vu like do or move
Mer-: mer like verb or nerve
Rossur: ro-sur, ro like rock, sur like occur
Ovelyi: o-vel-i, o like moss or odd, vel, like bell, i like eye
Zemour: ze-mor, ze like bee or knee, mor like more or door
Vrueki: vru-ke, vru like through, ke like key
Crysteloidve: cris-tel-oyd-va, cris like prison, tel like yell, oyd like void, va like bay
Zej: zesh like mesh
Rykenn: ri-ken, ri like eye, ken like ben
Qrivet: kri-vet, kri like crib, vet like veteran
Dihgthee: di-tha, di like dice, tha like they
Zelfri: zel-fre, zel like well, fre like freedom
Raqyi: ra-ki, ra like ram, ki like hi or kite
Qruevuu: kru-vu, kru like crew, vu like new
Sorphyous: sor-fi-us, sor like soar, fi like find, us like bus
Bonnirrim: bon-i-rim, bon like carbon, i like lid, rim like dim
Yxanimour: zan-i-mor, zan like man, i like kid, mor like for
Merquinan: mer-kwi-nan, mer like herb, kwi like quit, nan like fan
Vishiborn: vish-i-born, vish like fish, i like win, born like torn
Zzrennnya: zer-en-ya, zer like turn, en like when, ya like Australia

I have more written down, but these are all the ones I can remember so far. I will continue my pronunciation guide soon, with some of my other words (I might come up with new ones too). I hope you read my story when it comes out as a deviation series and, hopefully, a book series.
In the magical land of Vesrammor, there lived a young boy named Ebonno. His father, Dervike, was a blacksmith, one of the best. Ebonno took apprenticeship under his father. Even though Ebonno was skilled in forging weapons and armor, he never was very interested in it. The only things Ebonno felt truly interested in, were books.
The books that fascinated him the most were tales about dragons. Dervike didn't like Ebonno reading these tales, he always said, "Dragons are evil beasts that lived long ago, I'm glad they went extinct." The books told Ebonno otherwise. Of all his friends he is the only one who can read.
It was an old librarian that taught him to read. This old librarian was going out of business, and his most common customer at the time, was Ebonno. He would sometimes let the boy keep a book that he really liked. A few years ago, the librarian disappeared without a trace. Ebonno still wonders what happened to him.
He would sometimes make up fantasies about the librarian's fate. Ebonno was making one of these up when his father called for him. "Ebonno, I have to go to the market, sharpen my newly made blades while I'm gone!" The boy ran outside to the forge as Dervike mounted his old horse. There was a pile of swords stacked neatly to the side, and Ebonno figured these were his father's new blades.
He took one these blades to sharpen. As he was sharpening the blade, he heard the thundering hooves of several horses galloping towards the small village. When the group of horsemen were visible, Ebonno recognized the flags, they were for the Empire. The group started raiding the village, and setting fire to the houses after searching them.
Ebonno was terrified, he has never seen anything like it before. Dervike ran over to the shop and told Ebonno to run into the forest. He didn't have to be told twice. When they made it into the forest, Dervike stopped them and said, "I have return and fight the invaders, you run further into the forest." to this Ebonno objected.
"Listen to me son," said Dervike, "They are here for you, there is no time to explain. Just run to the river, I'll see you again. Follow your destiny and do what feels right. I love you." Then the old bearded blacksmith ran to the village.
Crying Ebonno yelled, "No father, please don't go!" But it was no use. For a while Ebonno sat there crying as his village burned. Suddenly, a man cloaked in black came from deeper in the forest. "Ebonno come with me, I'll keep you safe." said the cloaked man. Ebonno didn'4 see any Empire insignias and his voice sounded familiar, so Ebonno obeyed. The two soon made it to an old cottage by the river. The sun was starting to set and The cloaked man prepared a bed for Ebonno.
"Eat this and go to sleep, young one." said the man. Ebonno was given a small loaf of bread and some cheese. He quickly ate both and settled in his new bed. It wasn't long until he fell into a deep sleep. Unfortunately, it was filled with nightmares about the terrifying raid.
When he woke up, he could hear the birds chirping, and smell something delicious. Tired, Ebonno entered the kitchen to see some eggs cooked for breakfast. There was a note by the eggs that said, "I have left to get some extra provisions. Training start at noon."
Training, wondered Ebonno, why would I need training. Ebonno ate the food and decided to explore the cottage. It was small and made mostly out of wood, the kitchen was connected to the living room. There are two bedrooms to the left of the entrance, and a small area for the bathroom.
When Ebonno went outside, through the only door, he noticed that the cottage rested in a small clearing. all around was a dense pine tree forest. Ebonno has never been so deep into the forest before. It was springtime, so there were birds and several other animals going here and there.
It was beautiful, with the early morning sun filtering through the trees. Ebonno was mesmerized by the scene. Then Ebonno went to see more around this cottage. As he was entering, he noticed a door behind the wooden couch.
He moved the couch with some trouble, but was able to open the door. When he got inside, he saw several cobwebs and a staircase leading down. It was too dark to see anything else. So he went back out and grabbed a candle that he lit.
Ebonno proceeded down the steps which soon ended, and found a big room underneath the cottage. The basement was filled with books, all stacked neatly, or organized alphabetically in shelves. Ebonno could tell that these books haven't been read in a while. Some of them were very familiar to Ebonno.
"Found my books, have you?" Startled, Ebonno turned around. At the top of the stairs, outlined by light, stood the cloaked man. He carried a torch, and decended down the steps. "It's time you knew who I am," said the mysterious man, "I am Porvak, the librarian you knew." He pulled back his hood and revealed that he truly was that old librarian.