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Ignore the part I wrote previously in the {}.

{I am extremely stressed about a specific game right now. I was playing the DS remake of Final Fantasy 4. I was almost done with the game when I experience a horrible glitch which is forcing me to restart the entire game.

I'm in a location that you can only get to with a certain vessel of transportation called the Lunar Whale (I'm trying to avoid spoilers). I enter a cave, but the monsters inside are too strong. I go to level up outside, running around the place randomly, and I save. When I return the Lunar Whale is gone, but it's icon is still on the map. I run around trying to see if it will return because I CAN'T continue the story without the Lunar Whale.

So I look it up online, to find a way to solve this glitch. I find out that the ONLY way to reverse the glitch is to completely, and perfectly, retrace my steps. The thing is, I don't remember the exact route I took to train my team. It means that I'm stuck in that location forever, and I'm almost to the very end of the entire game.

So I only see one single solution, restart ALL my progress... D:< The only good news is: I'll be wiser for my new saving, and I will avoid the glitch as much as possible.}

I found out how to solve this glitch, and how to avoid it in the future. In many of the Final Fantasy games you can travel the world in a loop setting. If you reach on edge of the map, you suddenly find yourself on the other side. Imagine if the entire map was a single square in a grid of completely identical map squares. I found out that when you park the Lunar Whale, it stays on one square map. If you go into the square directly to the right and go to where you parked the Lunar Whale, it will be gone, but it's still on the map.
The Lunar Whale, once parked, will only be available in the square you parked it in, and the only way to get to it is by returning to that square. But what if you don't remember how to get back to it? I found out how to solve that too. Use a spiral technique. if there were 25 squares...


...and you were in square [13], go left to [12], then [07], [08], [09], [14], [19], [18], [17], [16], etc, you'll find your self covering every square and making a spiral. It will take some time, but eventually you will find you're ship. You just have to remember which direction you're heading, and to go where you parked the Lunar Whale.
When I started this technique (say I was in square [13]), I went right then up, and I found my Lunar Whale in square [09]. I think this technique is great for finding the ship if you've thought you lost it forever. To avoid your ship disappearing, just don't cross the edge of the map after you parked the Lunar Whale, or remember which edge you crossed if you have to cross the edge. As far as I know this glitch is only on the Lunar Whale, and for no other vehicle. The Spiral technique is also a great way to level up your team because monsters appear randomly, and you can save anywhere on the map.
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I have decided to return to the stories and Literary tales in depths of my Gallery! This may not seem like relevant news at first impression, but I've noticed that people sometimes neglect and forget their stories. Sometimes it is because those stories did not work out well, they weren't popular, or the authors lost their passion. I will not criticize this because, I have done the same.

I can't even count how many stories I have or even give an average number of how many I've made. So I have decided to return to my old stories to continue and/or rewrite them. Regardless how many stories I've made, my writing has improved, and I wish to show that improvement as well. So for all those who've neglected their stories like I have, I'll challenge you to return to them and improve them. :)
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Today everything in deviantart is arranged differently. I had to log in through the top right corner, which also becomes the place where I click to view my messages or go to my profile. On the top left corner, there is the site's button for the homepage, search box, then shop, more, submit, and upgrade. When I log in it shows the faves and recent additions to the collection of those I watch, and some of the most recent stuff in general. buttons for faving an artwork and other buttons are moved, and I had to find them. There is probably a lot more I haven't seen yet, but is this from a update? If someone could explain this, it would be nice.
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There is a ton of hype about the new movie, How to Train Your Dragon 2. Everyone I personally know who have watched it has told me it is at least as good as the first, if not better. I've watched the first one and some of the series, and I'm already a fan of them. HttyD 2 is a movie I've been anxious to see since I first saw the advertisements (posters, trailers, etc.). However, I never saw it in theaters because I would have to pay at least $8 to get in (and I'm in college, so money has to be used for necessities and urgent issues).

However, there is this little theater at my college campus called, "The Procrastinator Theater." They show movies that have left most theaters, and before those movies generally arrive for DVD or Blueray. In addition, each ticket is only $2 per person. They show 2 movies per week (an early show, and a late show). The late show of one week, will be the early show of the next, and a new show will be the late show.

I just found out that How to Train Your Dragon 2 will be airing at the Procrastinator from Oct. 13 to Oct. 26. So I may be able to watch it for the very first time.
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I understand if dedicated Transformer fans still aren't pleased with Bay's interpretation of the Transformers, and I don't want to spark a debate. I just love Transformers as long as it has Peter Cullen, so I decided to buy Transformers: Age of Extinction. Personally, I think that this turn of the series could provide more opportunities to include more of the Transformers Lore. But that's all I'm going to say since I don't really want to spoil anything for those who still wish to see it.
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I just joined this contest ( by :iconcolorful-kaiya: It's a contest where you draw two pokemon (any pokemon) in a Halloween themed artwork. The deadline is on Halloween itself, and the Colorful-Kaiya's journal describes it better than I can.
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For quite some time I've had an urge to create a novel for the entertainment of teenage audiences. However, I always come up short after I generate my ideas. I have several story ideas racing through my head. I keep constructing stories, events, plots, conflicts, and characters. My inspiration comes from authors I met, books I read, random thoughts when I daydream, and even dreams as a I sleep at night. Regardless of all these ideas, regardless of my massive urge to create, I always stall in the writing process.

"The Legacy of Taqresu and Xxtvee" has seen maybe two or three drafts, but not one reaches the climax. "Halliforxen and the Nine Elemental Clans" has two drafts that barely pass the first chapter. The rest of my stories have absolutely no drafts at all (save for a couple postings here on DA). I'm about to start my second year of college, and I'm planning on majoring in English or Literature to aid my desired writing career.

I've always known that writing would never be easy, but I need help with my writing proccesses. Could someone please help me better develop my writing proccess and find motivation for my work? Or could someone please supply writing tips in the very least?
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I've notices some merged portraits for the X-men Days of Future Past posters (the ones that mix the two Xaviers or the two Magnetos), and I was thinking of trying something similar with Star Trek. So I started out with the famous captain of the Enterprise, Kirk. I'm still working on it, but I've noticed a few things about it as I've been drawing it.

First of all, William Shatner is, for me, far more difficult to draw than Chis Pine. When I was drawing Chris Pine, I used an awesome portrait of him as Kirk from his first Star Trek movie. I completed his half of the portrait in my first try, and only fixed up a few things and added more contrast since then. However, I had, and still have many problems drawing Shatner.

Starting with the first problem, a reference photo. I had to find Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn to help with this problem, but the photos are still extremely tiny and in bad angles. Nontheless, I did find a suitable photo. The next problem was drawing him. For some reason, I keep messing up his face. It's not that the face doesn't look realistic (making it realistic was not the problem), it just doesn't look recognisable as Shatner. Sometimes I had to redo the eyes, I once had to completely redraw his hair. And I think artist understand when they're trying to draw fan art as accurate as they can be.

I'm still going through problems in drawing Shatner, but so far the portrait is looking nice, and I may have it done soon and post it here on DA. Next, I'll try Spock, and perhaps the rest of the crew (I may even try Kahn even if the two actors look nothing a like). Still I'd like to hear some reader imput as well. ;)
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I've been thinking about anthro animals lately, and I can sew how it's become quite popular. So I was actually thinking about making my own Fursona based off what I know about animals. I think I have a species that fits too: Bats

The first reason was my genuine interest in bats because of the Silverwing Series. Another reason are the bats I've seen in a few of my dreams, and the bats I saw at the Lewis and Clark Caverns. I even researched what I could about the insectivorous microchiroptera bats.

I also understand that people believe that a fursona should be chosen as a strong personal match that represents the individuals personality. Others believe it could be a favorite animal, or even one that's unique.

I considered all that as well. For one, bats really aren't that common in the anthro (or furry) community as far as I can tell. You see cats, dogs, foxes, and other similar creatures more than you see bats. Second, I've created a list of many of my personality traits that seem to fit bats based on my research of them.

Still, I may need some help with my Fursona. I've never made one before, and beyond what I've heard about choosing a species, I still hardly know anything about the process of creating a Fursona. So if anyone with experience in this kind of thing sees this journal, could you please help me out with the process?
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Like the title says above, I am trying to create an Anime Protagonist for a story. I want to keep him human (on the surface at least), and I'm thinking of someone more calm and serious (a little like Cloud, but not so brooding or sarcastic). Could someone please help me design him by artwork, or help me design a personality? I would also prefer if the hair was red and the eyes gold/yellow.

The anime will be either sci-fi or fantasy, but will Not include demons or gods like in some anime. Also I want this to be a more male based anime (I know there are names for different catagories, but I don't remember how to pronounce, classify, or spell the catagories).

I want this protagonist to look somewhat like another of my protagonists here:

Manga Protagonist Ideas by Taqresu650

Also, can somebody please help me come up with a name for this new protagonist?
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I'm trying to manage my Finals in my first year of College. They are really troublesome right now.
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I have only 260 Pokemon caught on my National Pokedex. :C So I'm trying to fill my Pokedex. However I can't list them all at once. Instead I'll list the Pokemon I don't have by Generation, starting with Gen. I

#019 Rattata
#020 Raticate
#023 Ekans
#024 Arbok
#026 Raichu
#027 Sandshrew
#028 Sandslash
#029 Nidoran (female)
#030 Nidorina
#031 Nidoqueen
#032 Nidoran (male)
#033 Nidorino
#034 Nidoking
#036 Clefable
#037 Vulpix
#038 Ninetails
#040 Wigglytuff
#045 Vileplume
#046 Paras
#047 Parasect
#048 Venonat
#049 Venomoth
#052 Meowth
#053 Persian
#055 Golduck
#056 Mankey
#057 Primeape
#058 Growlith
#059 Arcanine
#062 Poliwrath
#063 Abra
#064 Kadabra
#065 Alakazam
#067 Machoke
#068 Machamp
#069 Bellsprout
#071 Victreebel
#073 Tentacruel
#078 Rapidash
#079 Slowpoke
#080 Slowbro
#081 Magnemite
#082 Magneton
#085 Dodrio
#086 Seel
#088 Grimer
#089 Muk
#090 Shellder
#091 Cloyster
#092 Gastly
#094 Gengar
#097 Hypno
#098 Krabby
#099 Kingler
#100 Voltorb
#101 Electrode
#102 Exeggcute
#103 Exeggutor
#105 Marowak
#106 Hitmonlee
#107 Hitmonchan
#109 Koffing
#110 Weezing
#112 Rhydon
#113 Chansey
#114 Tangela
#116 Horsea
#117 Seadra
#118 Goldeen
#119 Seaking
#120 Staryu
#121 Starmie
#124 Jynx
#125 Electabuzz
#127 Pinsir
#128 Tauros
#129 Magikarp
#130 Gyrados
#137 Porigon
#138 Omanyte
#139 Omaster
#140 Kabuto
#141 Kabutops
#142 Aerodactyl
#145 Zapdos (trying to catch him)
#146 Moltres
#147 Dratini
#148 Dragonair
#149 Dragonite
#150 Mewtwo (trying to catch him)
#151 Mew

Please note that I can catch, evolve, and/or breed many of these Pokemon. This is just a list of Gen. I Pokemon I DON'T have. Also If anyone already offered me any of these Pokemon please tell me, I don't remember everyone I've already agreed to trade with. Unfortunately, many of the other generations are around this long. I also don't have many shinies or legendaries.

My FC is 4725-8875-8623
I have many writing goals: Making Poetry, making Short stories, making comics, making picture books, making novels, now I want to make a Manga. I have talent in art, but I'm still struggling with character and plot structure, anyone want to help me?
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This is an idea that did not originate from me. The idea was that the first 10 people to comment on the Journal will have one of their character's featured by the Journalist (where the poster will also have to tell why they like the piece).

If you comment, you will have do the same in your journal, and you will have to post the journalist you got this from in the first slot. It's a chain journal that is intended to share the art of different individuals. For my journal, I decided to write it in my own words, because it seemed respectful to the journalist and friend that I commented on.

Slot #1: :iconthomasblack1:

I love the lighting and nice and eye-catching coloration.

Slot #2:

Slot #3:

Slot #4:

Slot #5:

Slot #6:

Slot #7:

Slot #8:

Slot #9:

Slot #10:
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I was bored today, and decided to watch a little TV. I checked the DVR on my cable (I don't have, and never had, Netflix). First I get excited because I noticed that the newest episode of Marvel: Agents of Shield has been recorded, so I watch that (won't reveal any spoilers). After that I noticed that someone, in my family of 6, recently recorded Pokemon: The First Movie (the one with Mewtwo's first appearance).
It was something I hadn't seen for probably over 5 years. After a shrug, I decided to watch that too. I smile as I feel nostalgia. Then as Ash, Brock, and Misty try to figure out how to get past the hurricane, Jessie, James, and Meowth come forward with a wooden boat and phony Viking disguises. They over the protagonists a ride, and they jump right in.
As James is rowing the boat through the storm, and Jessie yelling "Heave Ho!" Brock and Ash say something that cracks me up:

Brock: I didn't think Vikings were still around.

Ash: They live in Minnesota.

I didn't get the reference when I saw this movie many years ago, but now I understand and laugh to it. As all of us Pokemon Fans should know, Minnesota (or the Unites States) exist in their world, just as Pokemon don't exist in ours. Second, the joke should be obvious to football fans, because Minnesota's team is the Vikings. What made this funnier to me is the fact that I'm a Green Bay Packers fan.
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I just found the entire soundtrack for FF7 on youtube:…
The music is one of the reasons I fell in love with the original game.
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Happy New Years Everybody. The only thing I don't like about this holiday, is that I'd have to get used to typing 2014 instead 2013 (No year has an exception).

With that out of the way, I sincerely hope that Everyone goes out into the world with high expectations and goals for the future.

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Ok, so I didn't get the Halloween story down like I wanted, but I do plan on submitting something for Christmas. Last time I submitted a life-sized Charlie Brown tree (which accidentally suffered in a destructive manner), and I posted photos of the drawings I made for each of my family members (Halo 4 Master Chief portrait, Elvis Portrait, Starship Enterprise, etc.) I have some Christmas ideas for this year, but any presents I make will be posted AFTER Christmas because everyone in my family has a da account. -_-

If everything goes well, I may be able to submit multiple things before the 25th of December.

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With Halloween coming up, I thought I would try my writing skills in a Halloween story. Since this'll be my first Halloween story, it may not really be that scary, but I'll try to make it interesting. I hope all of you out there have a happy Halloween. :)
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I plan to redraw some of the random creatures I've drawn before and draw new random creatures. I also plan to add descriptions to each of them. Does anyone want to see any of them, and I don't know how to do commissions, but can someone teach me how, and if they want, does anyone want a commission (once I learn how to do commissions)?