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Sorry for the long wait everyone. I've been on a long hiatus from DeviantArt. The truth is, I've been very focused on College as of late. It's also been a long time since I've submitted any journal entries, so forgive me for that. I will try to be more frequent in my log-ins, but I can't promise anything. I'll also try to reply to comments and notes as I receive them.
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When it comes to anime and manga, I'm like Ledo from "Gargantia: On the Verdurous Planet," an outsider. I know very little of the categories and genre's involved, and I never knew where to start. It turned out though, that I already started my experience with anime, and I'm really looking for where I go next. As a kid, I was exposed to Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Digimon on tv. With my parent's Playstation and NES, I had access to Final Fantasy 1, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy Tactics, Saga Frontier, Saga Frontier II, The Granstream Saga, Beyond the Beyond, Ogrebattle, and Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (I will admit that a few of those aren't strictly considered anime, but they all had at least some elements present in anime). Most of the games I mentioned are games I didn't even start playing until quite recently. I've also watched shows like Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.
Interestingly enough, I never encountered some of the more popular or more widely viewed anime series. To this day I've never watched Naruto, Dragonball Z, Bleach, Sailor Moon, Fullmetal Alchemist, or Attack on Titan. With all this in mind, I've decided to expose myself to more of this popular culture. This mostly came about because of my brother, who loves anime like The Seven Deadly Sins, Fairy Tail, and Sword Art Online (SAO). He exposed me to a few of those Anime, and apart from SAO, I haven't finished watching those three. He also exposed me to shows like Wakfu (which I can't classify with certainty). I've also started my own search by filling my Final Fantasy collection and using Netflix.
Currently, SAO is among my favorite anime, I've watched the newer Voltron show on Netflix, I found Gargantia, and I started watching Wakfu, Fairy Tail, and The Seven Deadly Sins. Multiple friends of mine recommended Cowboy Bebop and other Anime. As far as manga goes, I've mostly read manga that have adapted stories I love, such as Maximum Ride, Cirque Du Freak, and The Legend of Zelda series. I have a grasp on the reading style of manga already. But there are still so many things I'm trying to adapt to like the different categories. I can't even list the Japanese named genres (although I heard one's for kids, one's for teen girls, one's for teen boys, and one's for adults... shows you how much I know...).
So to finish this up, I would like to see what your recommendations would be to continue my experience in anime. I know that a few anime like Black Butler and many that I've listed above are growing in popularity (I can just go look at Hot Topic to know that). And I have a Netflix account, which is perhaps my best means for watching Anime right now. I usually prefer English dubs, but English subs are fine as well. And when it comes to genres, I'm leaning towards shows like SAO and Voltron. I like large Mechas, sci-fi, and fantasy. I'm a gamer, which really appealed to me with SAO. Please make thoughtful feedback. :)
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It's been a long time since my last journal entry. And for this entry, I want to talk about the upcoming game, Final Fantasy XV and it's prequel movie Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV. There are also spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk.
If you don't know already, Final Fantasy is a video game series made by the company we now know as Square Enix. Each game is generally stand-alone, but there are true sequels and prequels that share the same number title as the game they connect to. It's why Kingsglaive is not just called Kingsglaive Final Fantasy. There are quite a few milestone games throughout the series, but for now, I want to talk about Final Fantasy XV and VII.
One of the unique traits about the series is that they often reuse monsters (Moogles, Chocobos, ect.), enemies (Ahriman, Malboro, ect.), names (Cid/Sid, Highwind, Biggs, Wedge, ect.), and other things such as crystals and certain summons (Bahamut, Odin, ect.). My theory is a simple one stating that Final Fantasy XV is bringing back a summon that was previously exclusive only to Final Fantasy VII; Knights of the Round.
From the name alone, you're probably thinking of King Arthur and his knights, and you wouldn't be too far off. In Final Fantasy VII, Knights of the Round is the most powerful summon in the game, and also one of the hardest to get. It also has a really long cinematic (especially with Quadra Magic paired to it). Essentially 13 different knights take a massive hit each on the enemy. From seeing them all at once on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, you'll noticed that apart from "Arthur," each knight has a pair, making 13 knights total. Here is a video of the summon itself 

Now here is where I talk about Final Fantasy XV. If you look on the cover for the game, you will see 3 figure in the background. Some speculate that these are the WEAPONS from Final Fantasy VII (more on that later), but from watching Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, it turns out that these are the Lucii, or ancestrial kings of Lucis. Their power is the magical power of all Lucians who are capable of wielding it.
Now here's my theory; I believe the Lucii are the Knights of the Round. or at least Final Fantasy XV's equivalent of the summon. In Kingsglaive, it turns out the "Old Wall" is the animated statues of the Lucii throughout Insomnia. Watching closely, I've noticed that the statues, and the Lucii themselves closely resemble the knights in the summon, including one that looks like the "Arthur" figure of the Knights. Just look at the cover, and rewatch the Knights of the Round summon, and you will see what I mean.
It's also worth noting that the large "demon" used the movie is almost an exact graphical revamp of the Diamond Weapon in Final Fantasy VII (though the shoulder cannons function differently, and there appears to be multiple "demons"). I can't say that Final Fantasy XV and VII are connected, because that's just opening a whole new can of worms, and there are Easter eggs to the other games all over the place. Not to mention the fact that Final Fantasy VII's Remake is on the way, and this may, in some ways, promote the game and bring back some nostalgia.
Either way, I stand by my theory that the Lucii are Final Fantasy XV's equivalent to VII's Knights of the Round.
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    I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I recorded in a notebook, but I would like to see what any of you think of my dream. You don't have to know how to interpret dreams to comment on mine. And I feel that I need to express my dream in some way besides my notebook. Especially since I can't help but think about this dream. I am recording as many details as I can for this dream.

    I was a boy between the ages of 10 and 15, and I was moving into a Romanesque city. Each of the buildings had some kind of Romanesque quality like a rounded arch. The buildings mostly had warm colors from an orange-ish hue to a cinnamon red. It was also a city set along the coast-line. There was a small volcano island about a mile or so off shore, and the land gradually grew in elevation the farther from the coast it went. Docks were set along the beach, and the more expensive buildings were higher up in elevation (mansions, schools, and other buildings of the like). Apart from a few exceptions, I've rarely seen any modern elements. It was also more like a quiet town than a city with rushing people.
    The house I moved into was between the center of the city and the coast. During the course of the dream it was mostly empty since I just moved in. It looked like all the other houses, but it wasn't a suburb style neighborhood. I think I had to go to a school near the higher elevations, but I don't remember if that was truly a part of this dream or an earlier one. I quickly made friends among the other children in my neighborhood, but I don't remember what my family (my dream family, not my real family) looked like, or what they did in my dream. I also remember having a mentor, who was a gentle old man. He taught me many things about the town, and the special things that went on there.
    Speaking of which, There was something special about this town, or the world this town was set in. Everyone had these creature companions that were very similar to Pokemon. Except they were all made of crystals and weren't carried in anything like Pokeballs. They remained at your side the entire time, and they lived on crystals. I think you needed to feed them with crystals as well. Also, much like Pokemon, you could battle with them, or have tournaments with them. I think you could upgrade or evolve your creatures through the crystals as well. They had a specific name that applied for all of them, but I can't remember. I think it was "Sky... something," and even in the dream, I often got the name mixed up with Skylanders. In the very beginning of my dream, either before or after I moved, I received my very first creature.
    My creature was either a phoenix or a fire dragon, I can't remember which, but I think it could be the later. He (or she, but it was more likely a he) was red, and about as large as a full grown house cat. I made a special bond with the creature and treated him very well. I rarely used him for battles, and he stayed with me everywhere I went. I learned more about him and the rest of the creatures from my mentor (and school, if I am correct in going to school in my dream). I don't think anyone knew where these creatures came from, but their power bordered on magic. The key to their biology and power remained in the crystals they were made of. But they were so common and accepted that everyone had at least one (unless the rare few chose not to have one as a companion). One of my friends had one that looked like a boar.
    With my friends and creature, I explored the city multiple times (it's why I remember it so well). I had a lot of free time in my dream, and more often than not, I would just explore the city with just my creature. At some point I encountered an older kid, who I think ended up as my rival, but not the kind of rival Ash has in Pokemon (or the player in the Pokemon games). He lived in a mansion in the high elevations of the city. He started out as a friendly kid, that just got a darker personality for some strange reason. He was more experience in battling with these creatures. I remember when I faced him in battle he nearly killed my creature, as in almost permanently. That's something I forgot to mention. The closer our creatures got to death, the more crystal-like they become. They diminish in size and complexity until they are only a tiny crystal with no powers or abilities.
    When my "rival" almost killed my creature, all that was left was a crystal in the shape of my creature that you could fit in the palm of your hand. I think he mentioned having a "Master" that he obeyed. I ran before the kid would finish the job, and I put my reduced creature in my backpack. I was told that my creature would only regenerate to its old self over the course of time. The battle also started the dark turn in my dream. At that time, the weather got darker, and crystals started falling from the sky like meteors. The dream gets stranger still when the crystals impacted on a person. When the crystal hit the skin of a person, it started turning those people into the creatures we kept as companions. I don't remember if they had any effect of most of the creatures around. I remember seeing a person being hit with a pure white crystal and started growing crystal wings. I've had weirder dreams, but this was still one of the weirdest scenes I've seen in my dreams. I wasn't hit with any crystals myself though.
    During the crystal rain, I ran straight home. But as I was running and witnessing people being transformed, I also noticed the volcano island was starting to erupt. But instead of magma, it erupted hot crystals of the kind used to power the creatures. I also remember passing by a bank or some other building with an electric sign (the kind that scrolls messages from one side to the other). But here it was showing a conversation between my rival and his "master." I can't quite remember what was said, but I think the master was telling his pupil to seek the "Firestone." I didn't know what they were talking about, but it wasn't long before I returned home.
    When I did, I was quite surprised to find out my old mentor was the "master" figure teaching my rival. I don't remember exactly what he told me, but it seemed that he either caused or foretold of the raining crystals, and that they would mark something new for the world. And that he needed the Firestone for his plans. I think the Firestone had something to do with my creature specifically. My friend with the boar creature heard this all as well and supported me. He even wanted to fight on my behave because my creature was still almost completely crystal. But then my creature got out of my backpack, still crystalized. He somehow powered himself up and became a humanoid version of himself (either dragon or phoenix, I still don't remember). My creature was about to initiate battle with my old "mentor," when my alarm woke me up.

    Even typing my dream out, it sounds crazy, but I'm trying to make sense of what went on. And like I said earlier, this is not the weirdest dream I've had (although it ranks high on that scale). My dream is at least interesting enough, that I would like to know more about it if I could.
This is an invitation to discuss a controversial topic in a friendly, logical way. I won't judge anyone who participates, and I won't try to force anyone to conform to my views. If there is any kind of discussion I don't like, it's those where people get so angry and hateful, and almost come to blows.
That is why I made this submission. The object is to talk about a specific topic, but to avoid messy arguments that only drive people apart. If everyone can remain friendly and respectful, things will go more smoothly, regardless of the topic at hand.
And for now that topic is the existence of the Christian God. This is obviously a controversial topic, and nobody has to join if they don't want to. The choice is yours, and yours alone, to participate. You don't have to believe in what I believe, but I hope that you at least learn something about why I, and many others, believe in the presence of the Christian God.
I understand that this can easily turn into a heated debate, but I shall repeat my intent on a friendly and respectful discussion. There is no need to call people names or get angry in general.
I would like to begin with what you believe. And please tell me why you believe in your belief. I'm genuinely curious to know. But it's still your choice.
I've been thinking thinking about this for a while, but I need to really organize my deviations and my favorites better. This will take a while, and I won't use the activity widget for the very reason that it would take people forever to scroll down to comment. This is just a development I wanted to tell everyone about. :)

The first 20 people that comment on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose 3 deviations I like most from their gallery!!

  • If you comment, you must to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place.
  • The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1.) :iconthomasblack1: ThomasBlack1

Skywalker by ThomasBlack1  Training by ThomasBlack1   The Stag Brothers by ThomasBlack1


I've been brainstorming on a story I started in High School, but I'm having trouble with how I should begin my story. I've heard before, and I agree with this, that a great introduction will draw the reader in. The story I'm working on is called, "The Legacy of Taqresu and Xxtvee: Sorphyous." It's about a young boy, named Alex, who finds himself thrust from his normal life, and into another solar system filled with intelligent life, war, and mystery.

I can't decide whether I want the story to start with Alex living his life on Earth, or with an event taking place in that other system. If I start with Alex, I don't want to make his normal life sound dull or boring. If I start in the other system, I don't want to completely lose my readers with a bunch of unknown terms. Or should I start the story in another way? I've started a few drafts, but I eventually stopped and lost interest in them.

I'm not a professional writer by any means, and I have no doubt there will be a ton of editing done before I feel like my story's getting anywhere. But I would still like some help brainstorming my project. At the moment, I'm just trying to figure out where and how I should start my story. I will welcome any advice that any of you can provide (as long as it's good and helpful). I'm sure there are a lot of great writers out there on da, which is why I feel like asking here.
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I haven't made a journal in quite a while, and I hope to change that, but here is a subject I've given some thought to. I don't know if you've ever heard of Bionicle, but it is my favorite Lego line. It began around 2001 as a kick-start to aid Lego's financial difficulties. The line is about bio-mechanical creatures and characters who are all involved in a large plot mainly involving the conflict between Mata Nui and Makuta. Its story is enormous and very complex. Describing even a summary will involve more than 1 or 2 journals. There are dozens of books and magazine, four movies, and quite a lot of sets. Since it's beginning, Bionicle has expanded quite a lot, but ended in a conclusion that many fans were disappointed in (I think most of the disappointment was in the sets).

Either way, Bionicle was discontinued in 2009 or 2010, and it was followed by Hero Factory. Hero Factory won over some young fans, but many Bionicle fans didn't feel like it could even come close to competing with its predecessor. Personally, I thought the new CCBS building system was interesting, but its story was just not as developed. Bionicle has a timeline that spans several centuries in the Matoran Universe and beyond. Hero Factory doesn't come close. I understand Lego's decision though. It was sometimes hard, even for me, to catch up on all of Bionicle's story and history. They wanted something refreshing and simplified. But as I've heard before, there are kids who would love and enjoy an in-depth story like Bionicle's.

Fortunately, Lego decided to return Bionicle, but not where it left off. Last Winter 13 sets came out, and the Bionicle Website was updated with an entirely new story. Old fans recognized names like Tahu, Kopaka, Lewa, Gali, Pohatu, Onua, and Makuta. But are these the same characters fans knew from the old generation? The Toa have amnesia, and don't have any memories of their old lives. There are new locations and characters, even a new written system (the matoran language was the main written language of the old gen). The only things that seem to stick with the old Bionicle were 7 characters, which may or may not be the ones we knew. I don't think Lego confirmed if this new Bionicle is connected to the old generation or not, so time will tell.

As for my list, I thought I could list down some of the things I like about the new Bionicle sets, and they are in no particular order:

1.) The CCBS system: While Hero Factory was running, I wasn't sure what to think of the new system. Lego designed the pieces to be almost as universal as their normal pieces. They are made of a stronger plastic than the old Bionicle pieces, and they relied more on the ball joint connections. They even introduced a new connection system with two little indents designed to fit into matching pieces. The new indent connection was one of the reasons I started to dislike the CCBS system at first. It was just so different from all the other connections Bionicle has used before (which were Lego Technic based).

That was until I saw the variety of pieces with this new connection. It's not as big of a variety as I would have hoped, but hopefully Lego will expand that. and there were the ball and socket joint connections. The way they set up all the pieces allows for some nice poses for the figures. Up until the Inika, Bionicle sets were hard to pose. The original Toa looked awesome, but they couldn't do many of the poses that kids would like. The Rahkshi and Toa Metru had elbow and knee joints, but there was still some lack in poses. Even the Toa Hordika were a little hard to pose when you tried out the left arm. I love Bionicle, and its old sets, but I'll give the CCBS system some points for its use of ball and socket joints. Before I forget, I think the Titans were the best sets to pose with in the old gen.

2.) The Gear system: Now this is something I really enjoy. The gear system of the new sets are far better than the gear systems for the old sets. Lego gave this new system more friction so that the arms don't flop and fall to gravity every time you try to pose. Granted some of the new sets need better friction like the Skull Grinder and his heavy weapon (they should have taken the route of the Gali or Onua figure). Personally, I love it when toys have more mechanics, it's why I started to love Bionicle in the first place. The gear system is fun to play with, and it's optional because of the ball joints.

3.) The Colors: This time around, Bionicle sets have more colors than the basic reused colors they've used over the years. The old Bionicle sets had a lot of cool colors, but these sets just bring an arrangement of new beautiful colors. It's nice for my MoCs, and I can use more artistic design.

4.) The Sets' Basic Design: I'm always open for new designs with new waves. I don't mind if all 6 toa have the same build, but Bionicle started using copies after the Inika. I love the Inika builds, but it gets a bit tiring after you see them over and over again for multiple waves. Bionicle began with a lot of new different designs. The Toa Mata/Nuva had different designs than the Rahi, Bohrok, Rahkshi, Turaga, Matoran, Toa Metru, etc. Each wave had something new, and some sets of the same wave had individuality (like Pohatu's use of the Torso). Lego is starting bringing some of that back with the new sets. The is the new universal CCBS system involved in each, but the Toa look different than the Protectors and Skull villains. And there is some individuality going on between sets.

Onua had a wider shoulder area and shorter legs. Pohatu is thin like Lewa and Gali, but has less armor. Lewa has what looks like a pack or something, but it still looks cool. Even Tahu has a location for his secondary fire swords. The Protector of Earth has his shooter in his torso. The Skull Slicer has a gear system that operates on all four arms. There are more besides. The most uniformity I see are the Skull Spiders, but they all come in different colors and some come with tail pieces.

5.) The Sets' Aesthetic Designs: Lego took the designs of the old gen toa and played with it. You will see elements of the Toa's Mata and Nuva forms, and they all look cool. There are a few flaws, but I see a lot of interesting things in each set. The Masks are awesome (other than how easy I can lose them :( ), the colors look cool (but already went over that), Individuality is great, and just all of it combined makes for some cool sets. The Aesthetics of the Toa, Protectors, and Villains all have personality.

That's all I can think of right now, but if I missed or forgot anything, please inform me. Most of this is my personal opinion, and you're allowed to have your own. I'm not saying the new gen is better than the old, I'm simply saying some of the things I like about the sets of Bionicle.

I do not own Lego or any of its properties.
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First of all, I noticed that I haven't been uploading as much journals as most people. I probably should try to change that...

Second (and perhaps more importantly), I have been thinking about starting my own Anime or Manga. Now, I don't have any of the resources or income to make anything publishable, but anime has been on my mind for a few months. As some of you know, I have even practiced my own anime style. However, I am no where near where I want to be. I don't have a plot, setting, or characters. I've looked at a few world-building and character-building advice, but I'm still at a blank.

My goal is to either make this anime/manga a sci-fi genre, a fantasy genre, or a mix of both genres. I also what this anime/manga to focus on action and adventure. I don't remember what the different types of anime are. I also want a male protagonist (not for sexist reasons). I'm also considering trying a cooperative effort, but I've never worked as a team on anything like this before. If I do work with someone on this, I would like to have fun, and I hope they know anime better than I do, because I barely know anything on anime.

I have had very little exposure to anime and mangas. I think the only mangas I've ever read were based on popular book series and video games (Maximum Ride, Cirque Du Freak, Legend of Zelda, etc.). For the longest time, the only anime I ever watched was Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Digimon. Now, I have seen a few episodes of DnAngel, Fairy Tail, and Sword Art Online. Outside of that I don't think I've had any anime experience (I still haven't seen a single episode of Dragon Ball or Naruto. I've seen scenes of each, but no full episodes).

All of this is why I need your help developing either an anime or manga. Anyone is free to help out, give suggestions, and/or cooperate in this project. I'll even try my best to give proper credit. I don't want anything inappropriate though. Basically, I don't want anything with mature content. Also, I would like to note that my only digital art program is Gimp, damuro, and 3D colors on my 3DS, and my digital art (unless it's made with my 3DS) will have to be made by a mouse. I also don't have a scanner at the moment, so any traditional art I post will have to photographed by a bad camera.

To help you out, here are a few of my anime practices:

More Anime Practice WIP by Taqresu650

Anime Practice and Potential OC by Taqresu650

Taqresu by Taqresu650

As well as some of my Digital Art (all made by mouse by the way):

Phellocktar Portrait #2 Tigiratel by Taqresu650

Phellocktar Redraw (damuro) by Taqresu650

The Shadowy Web of the Visorak by Taqresu650
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This is a raffle created by :iconlanaluu: for those with Male OCs. I'm going to try it out, but if anyone of you wants to try it out, I think you're welcome to.

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I went to a local pawnshop today and I bought a couple things. First, I bought Spiderman 3 for $1. I haven't seen it in years, and I never owned it before. Some people don't seem to like it, but I don't think it's a horrible movie. Secondly, and more importantly, I bought Final Fantasy XIII for $5. I heard so much about that game. It has 2 sequels, and I love some of its music in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. It seems to be a favorite for some people, and now I can see why.

To begin with, it is the only Final Fantasy game I have for the xbox360 (I know it's probably the only one in the series to be on an xbox system). I'm more used to xbox controllers than I am Playstation controllers (also I need to find a cord for my PS2 before I can play FFVII, Dirge of Cerberus, Tactics, FFVIII, or FFX-2). I also don't have my older NES or Super NES system hooked up, so I can't play FFI. With most of my FF games needing a console hook up, I am now stuck with FFIV (DS remake), Theatrhythm, and FFXIII

I am actually enjoying Final Fantasy XIII. It's fighting style is similar to X-2 and VII, but it's still completely new to me. I was even able to jump right into the battle system comfortably. The computer animation is stunning. Before XIII, the best Final Fantasy CGI I saw was from Advent Children, The Spirits Within, X-2, and the opening cinematic for IV. The characters are great too. I can feel sympathy with Hope, Lightning, and Snow while enjoying the humor that sometimes pops in.

Right now, I just started Chapter 3 where they're on a crystallized lake. I think getting Final Fantasy XIII for $5 was a great deal.
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    Last night I had another dream I can't completely understand. It starts off with a legend about a Kitsune egg on a large tree stump. I don't remember too much about the legend, but something special happens when people find it. Next I remember watching as three kids find the egg on the stump and try to discover what it was. Either they've never heard of the legend, or they didn't care, but something happened to them when they touched the egg. I remember one of those kids was a girl with a fox mask. She either got the mask before or after finding the egg with the other two kids. I just know that after touching the egg and wearing the mask, she started to turn into a kitsune (trust me when I say, "this is not the strangest thing that has ever happened in my dreams").

    Next I remember being at the edge of the woods with three different people. I remember seeing a cabin, and a building that looked like my house (I think we were playing Minecraft for short while before going outside). The three people and I were friends, and stumbled across a large mound of dirt. The others didn't care much about it, but I remembered the earlier parts of my dream and the legend, and I discovered that the mound of dirt was covering a large tree stump. Curious, we all started uncovering the mound, and I found what looked like a large rock in the middle. I realized that "rock" wasn't really a rock, but it looked nothing at all like an egg. There was no symmetry, pattern, or geometric shape. It just looked like a large, rugged rock with parts that stuck out all over the place.

    It wasn't until I picked up the rock when I found out it was not a rock at all. First of all it, was extremely lightweight. It looked like it should weigh at least 30 lbs, but it really weighed less than 10. Second, I heard a sound coming from inside it when I picked it up. I still can't accurately describe the sound, but I know that rock does not make that kind of sound. Lastly, the "rock" was hollow (which explains the first two points). When investigating the sound the rock made when I picked it up, I placed my ear against the rock, and lightly tapped it with my knuckles. The sound my taps made could only mean that the rock was hollow.

    It was then that I realized that the "rock" was really an egg. It wasn't the egg the legend foretells of in my dream, but it was an egg nonetheless. To prove my point to my three companions, I cracked the egg open. Inside was a fully developed fetus (for the record, I think the fetus was going to hatch whether I cracked the egg open or not). The Fetus looked like it was sleeping, but I don't know what the baby's species was. At first glance, I thought it was a dinosaur, but I'm still not completely certain. When my three companions were admiring the hatched egg I held, I saw the girl who was turning into a kitsune. She saw the egg we held, and I think she fainted in fear of the egg.

    Then I remember a firework going off in the distance, but it went out of control and exploded right above the unconscious kitsune girl. Most of the sparks missed her, but a few hit her face/mask and woke her up. I was going to help her when I woke up. Even now I'm trying to figure out what it all means. For those who've never read about my dreams before, this is only a taste of how incredibly weird my dreams can be.
I've made a goal, a little while ago, to control and remember my dreams more. I wanted to not only control my dreams like experienced lucid dreamers could, but to easily recall what went on in them. This is partly inspired by Inception, but mostly I'm inspired by the dreams I did, and still do, remember. And from a dream I had a couple nights ago, and several others over the past year, I can conclude that I'm making progress.

When I was younger I could only clearly remember only a few dreams per year, and I only remember have a lucid dream once every two to three years. Yet every dream I could remember was interesting in their own ways. Something odd or impossible always occurred. I still don't know if everyone experiences this, but every dream I can remember has something so out-of-place, I couldn't make any sense of them.

It wasn't until a few years ago that I found out that lucid dreaming was something that was studies and performed quite often in our world. I also found out that dreams held secret meanings for the one experiencing them. I started to look up ways to remember dreams and ways to make our dreams lucid. I started keeping a dream journal, but I didn't, and still don't, have it down as a habit. I also tried looking for reoccurring dream symbols, but that had much less success. I couldn't find out what was in every dream.

I still made progress though. Instead of remembering just a few dreams per year, I was starting to remember at least one every one or two months. Lucid dreams started to occur once or twice a year. Even when I stopped writing in my dream journal entirely, I started to remember dreams visually. So I learned to remember my dreams in the first few minutes of waking up and then remembering them throughout the day or week (once I remember a dream for so long, it's hard to forget them.

I even had a some dreams that seemed connected to each other by story, but still they didn't seem to share anything with my other dreams. I once thought that wood could have been a reoccurring dream symbol until I realized that some of my dreams didn't have wood in them. In fact, it wasn't until very recently that I found out what may be the one thing that's in just about every dream I have: A female.

The female could be a normal human, an animal, or some kind of creature that didn't fit in either (like a naga, or a spirit). "She" was always an anthro cat in the dreams that connected with each other. "She" was the giant lips that haunted my reoccurring nightmares when I was around 5. "She" could be someone I called "mother" in my dreams, but wasn't my mother in real life. "She was always present in every dream I can remember. However, discovering "her" wasn't the only recent development I had.

Just in this year alone, I started remembering at least one dream every week or so. Lucid dreams started occurring roughly every month. However, the lucid dream that stands out was the dream I had a couple nights ago. I was in a restaurant when I found out it was a dream. I told myself, "Wait, if this a dream, let's try looking at my surroundings." I remember looking at the checkerboard, tile floor, the plain, cream-colored walls, the simple red tables, the lights that hung from the ceiling, and how packed this restaurant was. People sat in almost all the seats. There were men, women, children, elders.

Everyone was a stranger. Everyone looked different from one another. Everyone was in casual, every-day clothes. But there was no food, no one was eating. They sometimes moved or shifted in their seats or talking, but nobody was eating or serving food. I didn't notice this until after the dream, but food was just not present. I did try a couple things. I tried a mind control on one person and after I got bored with the restaurant, I went to the counter and towards the door behind it.

You know those flip door things in counters for employees to pass through? That was in front of the door I was trying to go through, but it was locked in place and the door was locked too. So I used my Lucid powers (I have too many to describe), and opened both with ease. Once through the door, I found myself in an alleyway with people practicing mixed martial arts. I tried practicing with them, but I think I was attacked and had to fight my way out (The day before, I was watching videos like "The top ten Jackie Chan moments," so it could have been a result of that).

I woke up right after that, but I still remember the dream as clearly as I experienced it (except for the alleyway, that's a little fuzzy). It stands out, because I was thoughtful about my time in my lucid dream. With all my dream experiences lately, I can conclude that I'm making quite a bit of progress in my dreams. But if I try to go more into all my dreams, this journal will end up at least twice as long as it is now, so I better stop.
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I decided to draw damuro portraits of the Phellocktar forms of one of my stories because I liked how the first portrait turned out.

This is the Portrait that turned out great:  Phellocktar Redraw (damuro) by Taqresu650  His name is Halliforxen and he is the protagonist.

Next I want to try his love interest Tigiratel:  Tigiratel by Taqresu650 

However, I don't know who I should draw after Tigiratel. I don't know how to make a poll, but anyone can choose who they want for the third portrait. All of these characters are shapeshifters with three forms, their natural form (Phellocktar like the portrait of Halliforxen), Human (like the image of Tigiratel), and an earth animal form. Please forgive me if many of the images are low quality, I was in High School when I made them, and I didn't have a scanner.

Here are the choices available:

Nyqammawreph, Halliforxen's brother:  Nyqammawhreph by Taqresu650  (When I drew him, I didn't know how to make the right skin color, but his is not supposed to be yellow)

Daljiniblave, Tigiratel's older brother:  Daljiniblave by Taqresu650  

KasaiEgala, Tigiratel's other older brother and Daljiniblave's twin brother:  KasaiEgala by Taqresu650  

Silver-Frost, Halliforxen's and Tigiratel's future son:  Silver Frost by Taqresu650  

Vinelsoreph, Halliforxen's mentor:  Vinelsoreph by Taqresu650 

Or should I switch it up with the Antagonist, Lavitka Tashato  Lavitka Tashato by Taqresu650  Lavitka Tashato (Natural Form) by Taqresu650 (He's one of an entirely different shapeshifting species) 

That is most of the story's characters I can find in my Gallery. If you're curious about the names of these characters, a friend and I created quite a few of these strange names off the tops of our heads in high school (when I started thinking of this story). We tried not to use any names that were taken or existed before as real words (I don't know if that was successful).

Either way, I'm going to let the audience choose who I should draw a portrait of after Tigiratel. And if you guys want, you can choose the choices after that. I still plan to draw them all, but I just don't know the order I should make it. If you want to know more about any or all the characters, you're free to ask as well.

Here are some of the other images I have on them:

Halliforxen by Taqresu650   Halliforxen using his power. by Taqresu650   Halliforxen in his Hawk Form by Taqresu650   Phellocktar by Taqresu650   Phellocktar Portrait by Taqresu650  

Halliforxen Portrait by Taqresu650   Characters from my Story. by Taqresu650   Haliforxen and the Nine Elemental Clans part 1 by Taqresu650   Haliforxen and the Nine Elemental Clans part 2 by Taqresu650   Haliforxen and the Nine Elemental Clans part 3 by Taqresu650   Project OC I by Taqresu650  

All of the characters featured belong to me.
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As some of you may know, I redrew a portrait of Halliforxen (Sky-Hawk) in his natural Phellocktar form. I used Damuro and a mouse, and the portrait worked out better than I hoped.

Original:  Phellocktar Portrait by Taqresu650 and the redraw:  Phellocktar Redraw (damuro) by Taqresu650 as well as other images of Halliforxen:
Human Form:  Halliforxen Portrait by Taqresu650  Hawk Form:  Halliforxen in his Hawk Form by Taqresu650  and Phellocktar again:  Phellocktar by Taqresu650  

And there are some poses for him:  Halliforxen using his power. by Taqresu650  and my very first drawing of him:  Halliforxen by Taqresu650 

Needless to say, I've drawn him quite a bit. However he has companions, and there are more Phellocktars. Since the damuro redraw worked so well, I want to draw them all.

There is Silver Frost, Tigiratel, Nyqammawreph, Vynelsoreph, Eagle-Flame, and a few others.

Here they are together:  Haliforxen and the Nine Elemental Clans part 1 by Taqresu650 You will recognize Halliforxen, but Tigiratel is the lady in green. Eagle-Flame (her brother is the guy in red. Nyqammawreph (Halliforxen's brother) is the guy in light blue, and Vynelsoreph is the older man with the green and black hair.

Here is Silver-Frost (the son of Halliforxen and Tigiratel):  Haliforxen and the Nine Elemental Clans part 2 by Taqresu650

And here is an image of Silver-Frost and Tigiratel in their Earth animal forms:  Haliforxen and the Nine Elemental Clans part 3 by Taqresu650  

I know there are a lot of images, but I wanted to visually show you the characters I've been working on for my story. But it is also a way to show my improvement in art.

At the moment I am working on a Phellocktar portrait of Tigiratel. If you want to know more about my characters or if you have a suggestion of who I should draw after Tigiratel, you are free to comment.
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After the success of my damuro drawing of Bionicle 3, I decided to use damuro to redraw one of my old drawings: Halliforxen in his native form as a Phellocktar. Phellocktar are shapeshifting canine-like aliens with an average of three forms. Those three forms are native, human, and Earth animal. the human and animal forms are semi-chosen forms while their native form cannot be altered in any way besides changing into the other forms. Usually the hair, fur, feathers, etc. of all three forms stay a permanent mix of two colors. This is Halliforxen in his native form (the drawing I'm currently redrawing): Phellocktar Portrait by Taqresu650 If it shows a link instead of a thumbnail picture, it's because I don't know how to keep it as an image.
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One concept that has arrived in history is the concept of relativism. The idea that our views of everything in the world (or the universe as a whole) is relative to us. A relativist may say, "What may be true for one, may not be true to another, and there is no reason to judge another by one's actions." I do not agree.

Imagine if there are three individuals: A, B, and C. Person A thinks it's his moral obligation to be selfless and to stop any acts of violence. Person B thinks he can torture others because it is fun for him. Person C is the victim of B and is trying to escape the torture of B. This is a hypothetical scenario where Person A is witness to B's torture of C. In a relativistic view, A has no right to get involved because in relativism, no one has a view that is any more correct or just than another point of view. However that conflicts with A's moral view.

I think many may agree with this being problematic. So many relativist will side with the concept of Cultural relativism. This is a similar idea where what be hold true to be right and correct is really correlated with our culture or society, and that we should not judge others based on their beliefs because of their culture. This is a popular concept, and seems widely accepted (I hear arguments for it from sociology).

However, I think it still doesn't escape from the problems with my full relativism. Now imagine two individuals: 1 and 2. Person 1 is like Person A, believes he has the moral obligation to benefit others more than himself, and in a cultural relativist perspective, it is a result of his culture. In 1's culture it is wrong to kill. Person 2 comes from a culture where it is just to kill young ladies after they have given birth to their first child (and that every young lady has to give birth by the age of 25). If these two people meet and Person 1 is witness to the actions of Person 2 as he follows the customs of his culture, Person 1 has, even in a cultural relativistic perspective, not to judge or act against Person 2.

Both are extreme examples, but prove that Relativism doesn't hold true for all situations, whether is cultural relativism or not.

I recently heard an argument of philosophical materialism (which is an atheistic view) about morality. It seems that there is no room for objective (universal and independent of us) morality in the view of philosophical materialism. Charles Taylor brought up a concept of the Imminent Frame. His argument is that nothing is transcendent of the universe. not even morality. Those who have accepted this view believe that morality is objective because human beings have evolved into rational and moral beings.

In the theory of Evolution, what helps the organism survive and thrive is accepted, and what isn't does not last (I do not believe in evolution, but that is an entirely different debate for another time). People who believe in the Imminent Frame try to create the state that morality is objective, but the frame still exists. I have found this basis for an objective morality to be flawed. The belief that humans (as a race) evolved to see an objective moral truth can make morality universal, but not independent. Part of the definition of Objective is that it is both. If we evolved differently, what we (actual) see as morally right, may not be viewed as morally right in the hypothetical alternative. It makes Morality dependent on human beings and relative, instead of the goal of making it objective.

I'm just stating my thoughts, you don't have to agree with me. :)
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After months of waiting to see How to Train Your Dragon 2, I finally get to see for the very first time! People keep telling me that it was great after they saw it the theaters. Even my brother said it was at least as good, if not better, that the first one. I see a ton of fan art on the internet (especially here on DA), but I never got to see it in theaters. So when it finally comes out on DVD and Bluray, I bought it.

I enjoyed every second of it! I do not regret paying $25 for it either. Even the short, "Dawn of the Dragon Racers" was fun to watch (not to mention how it connects the "Defenders of Berk" finale to HTTYD2). I can't wait see more of Hiccup and Toothless!
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